Overview Edit

The Great Crossroads is a major location in Vesteria, acting as a fork in the road for many other major locations in the game. This includes the faction bases and Nilgarf, the central trading hub in Vesteria.

Statues of Fate Edit

Located in the center of the Great Crossroads are the three statues of fate, representing Hunters, Warriors, and Mages respectively. When inspected, they provide information on how to join their faction, including where to go.

For to-be Hunters, they would have to venture to Admiral Hugo in Port Fidelio and talk to him in order to join his faction. Warriors and Mages would have to travel to Sir Tristain at the Warrior Stronghold and Greybeard the Old at the Tree of Life, respectively.

Quests Edit

  • Baker's Assistant (Level 7): Gertrude, a baker living in the Great Crossroads, seeks the player's help in baked goodie delivery.
    • Part 1: To make the Hog Meat Pie, Gertrude needs 10 Hog Meat and a Bag of Sugar-- all can be obtained from the nearby Hogs
    • Part 2: Gertrude's son is a Warrior, code name "Skull Crusher", living in their stronghold. She asks the player if they are able to carry the pie up the mountainous hike and rocky dangers that is the Redwood Pass.
      • Rewards:
      • If the player loses the Hog Meat Pie on their way to the Warrior Stronghold either by dropping or "selling" it to an NPC merchant, talking to Gertrude again will give another Hog Meat Pie.
  • Feed Old Sally (Level 10): Farmer Sam's horse Sally is starving and asks the player if they can gather 50 Hay for her.

Chests Edit

Wooden Chests Edit

  1. At the foot of the bridge heading to Nilgarf, there is a chest that can be reached past Atticus.
  2. Further up the bridge to Nilgarf, there is a broken bridge heading to a tower that contains the chest. Jump on the remaining wooden planks to reach it.
  3. By the side of the Nilgarf guard tower, there is a stream with a pathway dug under it. Head under there and maneuver through the caverns to reach the chest. This chest contains a modified Oak Axe called "Melvin's Axe" and a note is left by the chest.
  4. On a windmill that is situated next to a broken stone arch, a chest can be found on the roof. This windmill can be found by the three main portals of the area leading to the faction bases.

Trivia Edit

  • This location is the result of the merging of two maps, The Clearing and Farmlands, in Beta-1.6.
    • The bridge to Nilgarf, the portal to Mushroom Grotto, the Mushroom Forest gate, and the music is what carried over from The Clearing.
    • The overall map structure, including the windmills, huts, and hay farms, was carried over from the Farmlands. Two quests from Farmlands carried over as well. The former Seaside Path portal was replaced with Mushroom Forest's.
  • This location is also the area with the highest amount of branching pathways (having 7 of them).
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