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This article is about an item that now is unobtainable. If you can expand it without removing old or adding false info, then please go ahead.

"Fear given legs."


The Gorgog Guardian pet is a Pet that was obtained for a limited time from Dr. Astley for 20 Gorgog Fish and 120 Gorganium. It is currently no longer craftable.


It is a massive machine-like pet with multiple cogs located on its body, with a Gorgog fishbowl at the top of the body, a cannon on its left shoulder, and a barrel hammer in place of its right hand.


  • The Gorgog Guardian Pet is Soulbound, thus giving it a trade value of 0.
  • Despite its appearance, it serves no use in combat, and functions just like a normal pet, with the cannon and barrel hammer both being purely cosmetic.
  • The Gorgog Guardian Pet was obtainable from 11/22/2020 to 11/26/2020.
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