The Gnome Hat is a Level 3 Adventurer-class Hat. It is obtained via buying it in Enchanted Forest for 1.7 Silver or opening a Developer Gift.

When equipped, it provides +1 DEX and +5% Greed.


  • This item was given out by Kensai666, a developer, in a Nilgarf server, but due to this there was a short period of time where it was sold for mass amounts being known as an "exclusive developer item".
    • However, shortly afterwards, Kensai made it obtainable via purchasing from an NPC it in Enchanted Forest, as it was not meant to be an exclusive item.
    • The first person to obtain this item, and also sparked the entire "exclusive item" controversy, obtained it from a Developer Gift, and goes by the roblox username of NotAndruu.
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