Forsaken Isle is currently the only island in the game and serves as a place for high levels to gain experience, levels, and to toy with new subclass abilities. The island can only be accessible from The Wayfarer. A ticket to access the wayfarer costs 100SilverCoin every time the player wishes to go. (The ticket vanishes once you get on the ship).


The Forsaken Isle is a tribal-like island that serves as the home for the Moglo and Mogloko. It also seems that the worship of Mo Ko Tu Aa is only practiced here. The island is large and overgrown with leaves varying from shades of purple to yellow. The village near the north of the island serves as the place where Mo Ko Tu Aa is worshiped among the Moglo and Mogloko.

Dying in Forsaken Isle respawns you with less money and experience in Port Fidelio.

Moglo Village

The Moglo Village serves home to Moglo and Mogloko alike. The village is set up in a circular pattern with necessities such as homes and a fire. Located in the center of the village is a tribal pedestal and spawning point for the Mo Ko Tu Aa enemy.

Kueek Kueek's Hut

Kueek Kueek's Hut is a hut located to the left of the Moglo Village, across a wooden bridge. The hut is similar to the huts in the village but, instead of having walls, only has wooden supports. Inside the hut, is Kueek Kueek. He currently has no purpose, but it is speculated he will give a quest.


  • Upon speaking to him: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"


  • As of Beta 2.0, the Forsaken Crabby has been unavailable on the Forsaken Isle.
  • There is only 1 chest in the underwater cave system under the island.
  • Kueek Kueek is the only non-merchant NPC on the island. It is speculated that he will give a quest.
  • Occasionally there is a glitch where potions and consumables do not work, simultaneously the boss will not attack at all.
  • Like most locations in Vesteria, dying in the Forsaken Isle will teleport you back to the last place you have been. Low-Mid level players should be warned as death in this area will bring you to Port Fidelio, resulting in another ticket needing to be purchased.
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