Fishing is a that allows you to obtain Fish. Fishing requires any kind of Fishing Pole. To catch fish, you must cast out your fishing rod at a body of water. When it starts splashing, click and you will most likely get a fish.

There are 15 known Fishes at the moment, and 3 types of Fishing Rods.


Image Name Description Sell Yield Fishing Locations Fishing Rod(s)
Gorgog Fish.png Fraud Gorgog Fish Utterly useless. 1 Bronze All Fishing Rods
Fresh Fish.png Fresh Fish A tasty freshly-caught fish that restores 100 HP & MP. 80 Bronze Anywhere All Fishing Rods
Big Brown Fish.png Big Brown Fish A tasty freshly-caught fish that restores 100 HP & MP. 80 Bronze Anywhere All Fishing Rods
YellowPufferfish.png Yellow Pufferfish You probably don't want to eat this fish. (If you are on steroids and manage to eat it, your HP will be restored with -500. Eat at your own risk!) 500 Bronze Anywhere All Fishing Rods
Rockfish.png Rockfish A fish that's nutritious but not very delicious. Restores 250 MP. 150 Bronze All Fishing Rods
ZebraFish.png Zebra Fish A tasty freshly-caught fish that restores 150 HP & MP. 150 Bronze All Fishing Rods
SandsharkIcon.png Sand Shark Rough on the outside but cool on the inside. Gives Water Buff when consumed. 80 Bronze
AnglerFishIcon.png Angler Fish Found deep below the seas. Illuminates the player for a short time when consumed. Silver
CatfishIcon.png Cat Fish The fishermen's best friend. Gives +5% Greed when consumed. 1 Silver All Fishing Rods
MahiMahiIcon.png Mahi Mahi A rare tropical fish that gives Health Regeneration when consumed. 3 Silver
Pebblefishicon.png Pebble Fish The hardest fish known to man. Gives a Defense Buff when consumed. 3 Silver
Seahorseicon.png Sea Horse A extravagant tropical fish embued with speedy properties. Gives a Speed boost when consumed. 7Silver
Speckledfishicon.png Speckled Fish A magical fish infused with mana. Gives 500 MP when consumed. 7 Silver

All Fishing Rods

Bloodfishicon.png Blood Fish A crimson red fish that is filled with protein. Gives 1,500 HP when consumed. 7 Silver
Vibrantfishicon.png Vibrant Fish An aquatic creature with a beautiful array of colors. Gives a Small Buff to all stats when consumed. 11 Silver
Hammerheadsharkicon.png Hammerhead Shark A terrifying beast lurking underneath the surface. 11 Silver
Gorgog Fish.png Gorgog Fish A very powerful entity. Only master fisherman have ever seen it. 1 Bronze

Fishing Rods

Image Name Description
OldFishingRodIcon.png Old Fishing Rod An ancient rod once used to catch fish.
FishingRodIcon.png Fishing Rod A sturdy rod ready to take on harsh waters.
AdvancedFishingRodIcon.png Advanced Fishing Rod A fine rod, made with incredible care.


  • Although it is red when on the ground, the Red Fish shares the exact same blue icon as the Fresh Fish.
  • On December 3, 2019, the Fishing script was deleted, effectively allowing no one to fish ever again.
    • However, it was brought back on September 11, 2020, with the Fishing Update, along with new content.
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