You are dead.

Fight for Life was a Vesteria minigame with PVP and permadeath. It was a fun game as a distraction to the real work going on behind the scenes. Players got random classes on spawn, and there was a level cap of 100.

It was closed on April 27, 2020.


According to Berezaa:

"Vesteria will be down for a bit as we apply major changes to some of our systems and prepare to launch an abilities rework. This downtime is vital for our new security system (you're gonna see a lot less exploiting when the games back). In the mean time [sic] please enjoy the Fight for Life minigame. There will be no data resets when the game returns, your character will still be there :). The death message at the main menu is a joke, you'll have your EXP and money when you get back.

Anyone who obtains the ALIVE! role during the event will be able to keep it.

Fight for Life minigame:

- Global PVP with permadeath in Nilgarf
- Level up instantly every time you kill another player, no level cap
- Recieve money for killing other players and steal their money
- Defeat the Golden Yeti for riches beyond your wildest dreams
- Become ALIVE by reaching Lvl. 100

Enjoy this fun little game, and we'll see you back here soon!"


  • There was one spawn point which lead to frequent spawn killing.
  • When a player became ALIVE, they would be kicked from the game as they'd have completed their mission.
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