The Enchanted Forest is a vast enemy-heavy area connected to the Great Crossroads and is the route to Ellenia - the base of Mage Mages. Many mid-to-high-level players gather here to grind for EXP and loot.


Enchanted Forest is known for its wide variety of vegetation and tougher mobs. The entire area is covered in thick trees, and a mixture of mushrooms, flowers, and other foliage span the ground. A variety of glowing plants and mist contribute to its magical atmosphere. A gnome village and a goblin village are also located here, the gnome one being connected to the Spider caves. These caves have dozens of small chambers, and spiders use this as their home.

Coming in from the Great Crossroads, drifting towards the right side of the map will lead you to a waterfall with a path dug behind it into a cliff face. Following this path will lead to the Ellenia, the base for the Mage faction. There is also a "secret" which is a teleporter identical to the teleporters in the Ellenia to skip part of the path. However, this teleporter is currently broken and is non-functional.



There are two main villages in Enchanted Forest. The smaller of the two is a new gnome village. It has one merchant and is found in the middle of the map, while the other is at the northern end, and is a significantly larger Goblin, but holds no NPCs as of yet.

There are also goblin houses scattered around the outskirts of the map. One of which is located on the left side of the entrance, home to their Shaman. There is a path in the goblin village that leads to a small hole, known as the Lost Corridor.

There is also a larger goblin village that is large enough to be called a town. There are bridges made of wood and many small houses overlooking a pit. If the player drops into the pit, they can clip their camera through the map, where they can see a chest floating through the map that is inaccessible. The caves beneath the goblin village connect to the smaller spider cave systems, where spiders and goblins are constantly fighting each other. There is also a book, presumably written by the goblins, where they talk about themselves being spider slayers.

Spider Cave System

Tons of chambers and tunnels of varying sizes run throughout the entire forest. Numerous amounts of spiders spawn here, and due to their high level, can prove extremely dangerous for lower-leveled players. Going deeper into the caves will eventually lead to a portal to the Spider Lair.

Enchanted Forest Viewpoint

The Enchanted Forest Viewpoint is a spawn location for players who manually exited out of the Vesteria game during the Spider Queen’s Revenge dungeon. When they rejoin, it will indicate they are in Enchanted Forest. The viewpoint consists of a structure resembling the teleporting stones in the Ellenia; however, they are nonfunctional. To get out of the viewpoint, simply go down a small dugout tunnel and it will lead you back to the main path towards Ellenia.


Two new enemies are introduced in the Enchanted Forest: the Spider and the Goblin. Goblins spawn above ground and gather in large numbers around certain small landmarks or clearings. Some Spiders will spawn at the surface, but the vast majority of them reside in the cave system underground.


  • Most of the Gnomes live in a small village in Enchanted Forest.
    • Gnomey serves as a merchant, selling Big Red Potions and Blue Potions. He is the first gnome to move into the village.
    • Gnometta and Gnoma are two girls at a competition with each other over who is the prettiest gnome girl in town. The player will always be at odds with their condescending, and if they tell the girls that their rival is prettier, they will become upset and begin to stutter.
    • Gnomio is scared of Spiders, mostly because they eat gnomes. The player could convince them that life isn't worth being scared all the time, to which Gnomio assures the player that he'll try his best not to.
    • Gnomera will tell a joke about the number of gnomes needed to screw in a lightbulb. She says that to do so they'll probably need 6-7 gnomes because they're really short.
    • Bubbles is a gnome who is made fun of because of his glasses. The player could choose to encourage him to embrace his insecurities as everyone has them, and Bubbles takes the advice into consideration. Alternatively, the player can choose to punt Bubbles down into the spider cave system, in which he is presumably eaten by the spiders below.


The quest Business Trip starts when you talk to Albert Figgleglasses. You will see him when you enter through the Great Crossroads entrance, and you need to collect 40 goblin ears and then travel to the Ellenia to finish Part 1 and begin Part 2.


The enchanted forest is a vast area with chests dotted around in various locations:

Wooden Chest 1 & 2: The first two chests are found at the top of the largest accessible hill. Follow the trail until you get to the large, gauge-like lake with a waterfall on the left, at which point follow the right cave/tunnel system in the side of the cliff until reaching the top. There are 2 chests, one to the right of the exit, and one is on the edge of the slope behind the exit.

Wooden Chest 3: Jump into the lake next to the large hill, and behind the waterfall is a chest.

Wooden Chest 4: Jump into the lake at the Goblin Village walk to the end of the cave filled with water.

Wooden Chest 5 & 6: Following the trail from the Great Crossroads teleporter, you'll have to walk under a giant tree root just before the small gnome village. To the right is a bush that hides a tunnel down to the spider caves. When descending the tunnel, keep a sharp eye out to the right for a small hidden tunnel that sneaks off into a little cave where the 2 chests are hidden.

Wooden Chest 7: At the Goblin Village (follow forward after entering the gnome village, it's in a lake like the one which is where the Mage City teleporter is), there's a hole behind the waterfall that can be reached from jumping on one of the goblin roofs.

Wooden Chest 8 & 9: Accessible from a teleporter which is on the same hilltop as Wooden chests 1&2

Bluesteel Chest: Found in a pool in the maze in the spider cave. Keep going and you will find very valuable items (removed).


  • The Enchanted Forest had the Farmlands music before getting its own OST in 1.3.4. [citation needed]
  • Berezaa has expressed a desire to rename Enchanted Forest in a future update because he sees the current name as mundane.
  • Previously, the Enchanted Forest was a lot larger and had a lot of unused areas that had no purpose. This was changed just before Beta release to make it a lot more centered and less confusing.
  • A troll hole can be seen above the large waterfall's origin. There is nothing to be found inside this hole.
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