Mage Ellenia (previously Tree of Life) is the home of the Mage faction. It includes two merchants that sell exclusive mage items, Mage Runes, and potions. It can be accessed by activating a Mage Rune.


Tree of Life is the tree that supposedly gives mages their power to cast spells. It is the oldest and biggest tree in the world of Vesteria.

Many magical or enchanted plants from Enchanted Forest are also here, with some mystic flora and minerals giving off a magical vibe to the area.

There are also 5 teleporters surrounding the tree, each teleporting players counterclockwise to the next teleporter. The teleporter works in a counter-clockwise rotation, teleporting each time one goes to a teleportation pad and presses the selected action key.

The Spider Queen’s Revenge dungeon was moved here on 3/7/20 and is located near the stairs. It was originally in the Enchanted Forest.

Spider Camp

The Spider Camp is a location within the Tree of Life. It resembles the spider-infested cave systems in the Enchanted Forest with an abundance of cobwebs and spider egg piles filling up the interior. This is where players start the Spider Queen‘s Revenge dungeon. The party leader must talk to Magnus Khan, an NPC who guards the door leading to the Spider Abyss, in order to initiate the dungeon.


The quest Business Trip, initiated in the Enchanted Forest after Level 8, trails into Tree of Life. Part 1 of the quest terminates here, while Part 2 begins where Part 1 left off.

In case you couldn't find the purple glowing flower, the flower is located at an end of a fallen tree overhanging part of the path.


Wooden Chest 1: Located at the very top of the Tree of Life. This Chest is extremely difficult to reach due to the tree's high slopes and the presence of invisible walls. Hunters (using double jump) and Mages can reach the top, but warriors have to follow a specific path up to the chest. Hunter guide:
Screenshot 201

Wooden Chest 2: Above the potion shop, which is to the right when spawning.

Wooden Chest 3: Northwest of the equipment shop there is a chest hidden in a small hole.

Wooden Chest 4: In front of the 3rd teleporter, jump into the pond and circle behind the rock pillar.

Wooden Chest 5: From the 3rd teleporter, go right. there is a chest just below the second root-made bridge.

Wooden Chest 6: From the 3rd teleporter, go left to the tent then take the left pathway. A chest can be seen at the base of a tree on the left of the path.

Wooden Chest 7: To the left Chest 6 there is a small hole in the dirt, containing a chest.

Wooden Chest 8: Near to teleporter at the Gnome village, enter the green-roofed house. There is a mini-chest near the entrance. 

Wooden Chest 9: When you spawn, go to the hill to your right. There is a chest in the mini-cave.  


  • The Spider Queen’s Revenge dungeon was moved to this location on 3/7/20. It was originally found in the depths of the spider caves in Enchanted Forest.
  • As of 8/4/2020, this location was renamed to “Ellenia”. It’s original name was Tree of Life.
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