The Elder Shroom is the strongest of the Shrooms family. They occasionally jump into the air and ground pound, damaging and flinging people away from it.


They are easily recognizable due to their large beard and size.

Sage Shroom

The Sage Shroom is a variant of the Elder Shroom only found in Mushtropolis/Shroompocalypse.


Stomp: The Elder Shroom uses one foot to stomp on the player.

Ground Pound: The Elder Shroom remains still for a brief period of time before launching itself and slamming its bottom onto the ground. Any players caught in the slam will take damage. This is typically used after 2 Stomp attacks.


While the Elder Shroom is recovering from its Ground Pound attack, this is the best time to get a few hits off them. When its doing its stomp attack,, use hit-and-kite to avoid getting damaged.


  • The name Sage Shroom is a character from Archibald's Next Big Thing.
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