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The Elder Shroom is the strongest non-boss enemy of the Shrooms family. They occasionally jump into the air and ground pound, damaging and flinging people away from it.


Stomp: The Elder Shroom uses one foot to stomp on the player.

Ground Pound: The Elder Shroom remains still for a brief period of time before launching itself and slamming its bottom onto the ground. Any players caught in the slam will take damage and knockback. This is used after 2 Stomp attacks, in a cycle.


Sage Shroom: Mobs of the Shrooms family that are resemblant of Elder Shrooms, and spawn on wave 9 in the Shroompocalypse minigame.


While the Elder Shroom is recovering from its Ground Pound attack, this is the best time to get a few hits off them. When its doing its stomp attack, use hit-and-kite to avoid getting damaged.