The Dustwurm is an enemy found in the Whispering Dunes. The Dustwurm shoots bombs of acid at enemies and can also burrow itself and pop back up in a different location.

They appear sporadically throughout the Dunes, but most appear in the Wurm Pit near Aukufitti's Tower. They can be easily spotted, as they are like sand spikes in the golden ocean. Their position is fixed and can be easily counterable from long distances.


  • Spit Bomb: When in their attack range, a Dustwurm will lob a green ball of acid that explodes on contact with the ground or a player.


  • The Dustwurm is the only Dunes enemy to not have a counterpart, such as the Bandit or Stingtail.
  • Other than Bandits, Dustwurms is the only Dunes enemy to have a concentrated area of spawn.
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