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Crabby Den is one of the Secret Locations in Vesteria. It is a deep underwater cavern with various aquatic vegetation that serves as the home for the Crabby population. Near the roof of the cavern lies a few broken bridges tracing a possible civilization.

Going deeper reveals the Crabby nest, which is densely populated with Crabbies. It's a very popular area for players looking to level up due to its small circumference where Crabbies are constantly spawning.

It's reachable from a crevasse in the seabed of Seaside Path, around where the main underwater Crabby spawn is.


Golden Chest: At the bottom of the den, search behind the large pink and green shells to find a small hole, which leads to a cave. Jump out of the water and open the golden chest. When opened, an Old Fishing Rod pops out.


  • This map and Seaside Path was removed on September 15, 2019, in, an attempt to shorten the map's length.
    • It was brought back December 19, 2019, along with Seaside Path.
  • This location shares the same OST with Seaside Path.
  • On 7/7/2021, the BossTerror of the Deep world event was done in this location.
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