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The Crabby is an Enemy that spawns in Seaside Path, Scallop Shores, Crabby Den, Great Crossroads, and anywhere while fishing. Its pincing attack does a large amount of damage to new, unsuspecting players, so it's recommended to be at least level 10 to farm Crabbies. They do a lot of damage, so it's useful to have long-range damage of some sort before fighting.


Claw Pinch: The Crabby snaps its claws dealing damage to players who are standing within the range of the claws.


Crabbies can be effectively dealt with by circling around them. However, their large hitbox may allow them to hit at a larger range of angles around them. It is best to remain behind them and dish out damage while they are using their Claw Pinch attack.


  • Its appearance is based on the Atlantic Red Crab, with a bright red shell and large claws with maroon-colored legs.
  • On occasion, nearby Hogs and Rubees will attack Crabbies if they become too close to each other.
  • It is possible to fish up a Crabby while fishing that is much smaller than normal Crabbies and have water coming out of them.
    • The level of the Crabby scales to the players level.
    • However, it will visually indicate that it's level 9.
  • This enemy has the same body and base as the stingtail, except, with a red color and no stinger.