Mob Overview

The Chicken is an animal found in the Great Crossroads, Nilgarf, Port Fidelio, Mushtown, and the Main Menu. They act as one of the poster animals for Vesteria, and the profile photo of the @PlayVesteria Twitter handle, which the Vesteria Team uses to release news and updates about Vesteria.

Chickens are harmless, as they don’t have any attacks that can damage the player, but they are somehow extremely durable. No one knows why.

Pet Overview

"Cool pet."
The Chicken Pet is an alpha-exclusive pet, given out by the Alpha Gift. The pet is soulbound, meaning that it can't be dropped or traded away. When it is equipped, a small chicken will follow the player and automatically collect drops and Mushcoins. It will commonly get stuck in rough areas such as Nilgarf Sewers but otherwise proves very useful. Like other pets, the player can use the Name Tag to customize its name, which will be shown to other players. The pet can also be dyed by Color Dyes.


  • Berezaa confirmed that chickens had 6,999,990 health, making them once the mobs with the largest health pool in the entire game, without counting supersized mob variants. This puts them ahead of even the Terror of the Deep, who has 2,500,000 health.
  • Supersized Chickens can spawn either naturally or by developers.
  • On February 23, 2019, a phenomenon began over supersized Chickens, when a giant chicken spawned naturally in Nilgarf. A crowd quickly gathered in an attempt to kill it. This caught Berezaa's attention, who spawned another giant chicken while posting its health on the top of the screen.
    • The chicken first spawned at around 10:10 AM PST on February 24th. 2019, and it died 37 hours later at 11:20 PM PST on February 25th. 2019.
  • Chickens, with their high health and low armor, are ideal for testing damage outputs.
    • However, the implementation of DPS trackers in Guild Halls have replaced this use of Chickens.
  • The chicken has the second-smallest known item drop pool in the entire game, following the Spiderling.
  • On May 28, 2019, a glitch was discovered where using Rock Toss on a Chicken would instantly give 800,000 EXP, thus bringing many players to Level 30, the max level. The discovery of the glitch led Vesteria to close temporarily and rollback the changes.
  • The Chicken makes a Yeet noise on hit.
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