Chests can be found everywhere in the world of Vesteria. They can be opened by interacting with them, and they give you items, although only once. These items can vary from Mushcoins to potions to unique items. There are 3 types of chests: Wooden, Bluesteel and Golden.

Type of chest Edit

Wooden Edit

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The items Wooden Chests contain can vary from simple Red and Blue potions to Scrolls for Armor/Headgear Defense. They might also give silver in places meant for higher-leveled players.

Bluesteel Edit

Bluesteel Chests give a single batch of more premium, expensive items, like the Muffin, Banana or Ancient Scrolls, rather than a batch of lesser-quality, cheaper items, like Red Potions or Blue Potions, which typically are found in Wooden chests. Typically, there is only 1 of such chest in each map.

*DISCLAIMER- Bluesteel Chests are currently bugged, and have a chance of not rewarding items that they hold into the player's inventory once opened, even if they appear in the notification in the bottom right.

Golden Edit

Gold Chest

Gold Chests house equippable items such as the Mushroom Hat and Old Fishing Rod instead of the consumable items found in Bluesteel chests. The items in Golden Chests are either unique to the chest (eg Holy Rubee Halo ), or only obtainable via extremely rare drops (eg Old Fishing Rod ).

Chest Count Edit

*I add all chests I find to their map-page. If you want to find chests in a location, go to the map page for guidelines. A list with all the same chests can be found on the Vesteria Forums, although the directions were written by someone else.

Location Wooden Chests Bluesteel Chests Golden Chests Total
Mushtown 6 1 0 7
Mushroom Forest 6 1 1 Mushroom Hat 8
Great Crossroads 4 0 0 4
Nilgarf - - - -
Scallop Shores - - 1 Rubee Halo 1
Redwood Pass - - - -
Enchanted Forest - - - -
The Colosseum 4 0 0 4
The Spider Lair - - - -
Port Fidelio - - - -
Warrior Stronghold - - - -
Nilgarf Sewers 7 1 0 -
Tree of Life - - - -
Shiprock Bottom - - 1 Pirate Hat 1

Dashes means that chests aren't obtainable at the moment

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