Comicsans Chad is a boss that can be found in the Mushroom Grotto. He is a level 13 enemy with a grand total of 148,650 health points. When killed, Chad has a chance of dropping multiple different Mushroom-themed weapons and Mushroom Soup.

Chad is an incredibly muscled Mushroom, towering over both its brethren and the player. While very different in appearance to the other Mushrooms, Chad still has the typical Mushroom top expected of the creatures. Interestingly, Chad has very small legs compared to his arms.


  • Punch: Delivers a forceful punch towards a player near him.
  • Frantic Barrage: Leans forward and swings repeatedly, barraging opponents in front of him, before losing balance and halting the attack.
  • Helicopter Elbow Drop: Likely Chad’s most iconic attack. He extends his arms and spins, producing lift and causing him to rise into the air. After a few seconds of flight, Chad will perform an elbow drop into the ground, causing a shockwave that will send any player hit hurtling into the air, dealing massive damage.


  • The name “Chad” is usually attributed to muscled "alpha males".
  • Chad originally appeared in the Free Weekend version of Vesteria and was later added to the base game.
  • Similar to Comicsans The Yeti, Chad will spawn every hour.
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