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"The legends state that once every thousand years a Shroom will be born with an absolutely sick bod. You must venture into the hideaway of the Shrooms, draw out this evil, and defeat it."


Boss Chad is a deity found in the Mushroom Grotto every hour (XX:00).

Even though he is level 13, he still has a total of 148,650 health points due to his magnificent musculature. Chad is an incredibly muscled Mushroom, towering over both his brethren and the player.

While very different in appearance to the other Mushrooms, Chad still has the typical Mushroom top expected of the creatures.

When killed, Chad has a chance to drop several different Mushroom-themed Weapons and Mushroom Soup.

For Part 3 of the Mushtown Helper quest, it is necessary to confront the almighty Chad.


"Chad possesses the most impressive physique throughout the entirety of Vesteria. A truly titanic character, he possesses the largest and most meticulously conditioned muscles ever seen."

No metric exempting himself exists to quantify his Chadliness or his bodybuilding prowess. With pectorals denser than a black hole, a six-pack built like a blast door, perfect grace and agility that outperforms even the best dancers, arms that could bench the heavens themselves and legs that could outrun any modern automobile, it's no wonder he's the one to rate the bodybuilding judges at the competitions.

Chad is the epitome, no, the paragon of all that's moist and spongy; a true master of mycelium.

Chad's main body is a crisp, pure white, with the typical flat, red-and-white mushroom cap present on his race.

He possesses no other facial features other than a pair of alluring black eyes that endears all Vesterians.

In order to show off his heavenly body, he wears a pair of stylish, brown shorts. Those shorts aren't torn only because they're old, they're torn because they're not built to contain his shredded body and almighty muscular wisdom.


  • Punch: Delivers a forceful punch that obliterates any foolish player that dares to get near him.
  • Frantic Barrage: Leans forward and repeatedly swings, barraging opponents in front of him with his magnificent arms, before losing balance and halting the attack, usually after pounding any nearby victims into the ground like tent stakes.
  • Helicopter Elbow Drop: Likely Chad’s most iconic and most powerful attack. He extends his beautiful ripped arms and spins, producing lift and causing him to rise into the air like an helicopter in complete defiance of the laws of nature and physics. After the perfectly performed seconds of flight, Chad will perform an elbow drop into the ground, causing a shockwave that will send any player hit hurtling into the air (and make you swoon over his handsomeness and muscles), dealing massive damage. Chad will also get a huge defense buff increasing the longer he flies, having near-immunity to damage at the end of his flight. It is essential to watch his show from afar to admire the pinnacle of his beauty.


According to the Mushtown legend, every 1000 years, a Shroom becomes Chadly muscular and towers over the other Shrooms, corrupting them. Unfortunately for you, the player, it's been a thousand years. The Chad has awoken. If you don't intervene now, Mushtown will be knee-deep in truffle.

Beginner Strategy

Chad is never late. He is always on time, at the beginning of every hour, because he is Chad. It is good practice to depart towards Mushroom Grotto a good ten minutes in advance - 15 if it is your first time. Chad will spawn at the center of the Mushroom Grotto.

Chad is intimidating, handsome, and powerful. The first step to defeating Chad is coming to terms with the fact that you cannot compete with his immense size and Chadness. Pride doth cometh before the fall --- if you underestimate Chad, then the battle is half lost already. Most Chad-related deaths happen to the fools who charge in at the beginning of the fight and take not the time to admire Chad's beautiful body. Put as much mushroom between you and Chad as possible.

Chad is an absolute unit. He's a big target. To get credit for the quest and rewards for killing Chad, you don't need to get up close. Throwing rocks and shooting missiles from far away at him is perfectly fine. In fact, it is the right strategy for most because unless you are four levels higher than Chad, you won't survive a second of his sick, absolute, ripped bod.

Chad is beautiful but deadly. If you see Chad begin to rise into the air, spinning like the overly handsome helicopter he is, then RUN. Get the shitake mushroom out of there. The extreme beauty of the move hides its powerful deadly nature; the shockwave of his helicopter elbow drop is enough to instantly kill adventurers twice his level. Do not dare attempt to interrupt Chad's performance, and do not run in for an autograph when he is finished either. Chad is a fan of encores. He will do it again.

Chad is forever. When it seems like Chad is on his last legs, that is the moment you DO NOT rush in. Chad does not become weaker when he has low health, and he would not mind having some extra fertilizer for his inevitable rebirth, much like the ethereal phoenix. Many of Chad's victims are those who charged in at the last second, victims of their own hubris.


  • The name “Chad” is usually attributed to muscled "alpha males".
  • This boss's name is likely a reference to the "Virgin vs Chad" meme.
  • Chad originally appeared in the Free Weekend version of Vesteria and was later added to the base game.
  • Similar to The Yeti, Chad will spawn every hour, on the hour (XX:00). He is never late. He is always on time.
  • If you manage to fend off the mushrooms and take too long to die during A New Adventure, he will spawn as a last-ditch effort to kill you. If you manage to halt him and his glorious muscles, the game softlocks, and you don't get teleported to Mushtown, as the game doesn't believe anyone can defy Chad's glory. If this happens, you must reset your death-defying character.
  • During Chad's Helicopter Elbow Drop attack, Chad will land his elbow a second before the actual shockwave damage hits, so don't approach his sensual supinators to get an autograph when he lands. Should you survive, you'll be thrown across the grotto as punishment.
  • According to lore made by the developers, the last time Chad awakened a thousand years ago, it was Scruff and his brother who defeated him.
  • Chad should not be disturbed unless you need to get his autograph and bodybuilding tips.
  • At the moment Giga Chad spawned, everyone knew they were dead.

    Legend has it on the night of June 5th, 2021, Fallen God Bereza forced a large group of innocent Nilgarf citizens into Chad's home, and awakened the Eldritch Muscle that is... "Giga Chad", A Colossal sized Chadination that strikes fear into the hearts of Vesterians across the world.