The Warriors are a proud and mighty Faction. They believe in strength, honor and pride above all else. They reside in a massive snowy mountaintop fortress, known as the Warrior Stronghold. Warriors like to fight up close and personal, and wield massive blades and huge, bulky armor. They can take a hit like no other, and dish out some insane close-ranged damage. Due to their tank-like nature, Warriors are most likely to favour VIT and STR over INT and DEX.

Warrior Stronghold is where players can purchase equipment exclusive to the Warrior class, as well as consumables found nowhere else in Vesteria. Sir Tristain gives you a Rusty Sword and 3 Warrior Runes for free upon swearing to this faction.

At level 30, Warriors are able to select one of three sub-classes available to them:

  • Paladin - Fighter that specializes in magical attacks and minor healing. Carries a slow, two-handed heavy weapon.
  • Berserker - Forgoes protection in favor for high damage. Deals damage to large groups of enemies, and can boost the damage of their allies and self.
  • Knight - Tank that carries a sword and shield. Has the ability to attract mobs to them, stun enemies, and increase defense of nearby allies.


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    Ground Pound (25 MP): Leap forward a short distance to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies in an area of effect. While the blade is swung to hit the ground, it also deals damage before it hits the ground. This move has a considerable amount of ending lag, leaving you prone to enemy counterattack. This ability can be upgraded 10 times, and has a 14 second cooldown. Has 250 Power at level 1 and gains 10 power and 1 MP usage per level. per level. at the 5th upgrade it will increase the damage radius. On the 10th upgrade it will further increase the radius and now increases the mana usage by 2 instead of the usual 1, and maxes out at a 36 MP usage.
  • Roadroller
    Combat Roll (10 MP): Roll in the direction your character is facing. It can be used as either a means to get to another place faster or to avoid an attack in combat. The ability has a bit of ending lag that hinders the player from moving forward during it. It has a 3.5 second cooldown, and it can be upgraded 5 times to increase the rolling speed.
  • Sharper
    Quick Slash (15 MP): Move forward a short distance and knock enemies up, dealing a ton of damage. This ability can be upgraded 10 times and has a 3 second cooldown. Has 200 Power at level 1 and gains 10 per level.
  • Sharper
    Parry (15 MP): The player enters a guarding stance for 1.5 seconds. If they are struck by an enemy, a strong counter-attack is delivered while only receiving 50% of the countered attack's damage. If the player is struck by a projectile, it gets reflected back. This ability can be upgraded 10 times and has a 6 second cooldown. Has 200 Power at level 1 and gains 10 per level.
  • Triple Slash (Passive): The player will gain the ability to triple slash their sword. Making it easier to kill players or mobs.

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