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Pets are an addition to Vesteria which pick up mob loot for you as well as dropped items. Overall, they primarily serve a cosmetic function due to them sometimes not working and failing to pick up items.

As of the recent Pet Update, there is now a much larger amount of possible pets to get from Zacha's Incredible Animal Emporium located in Nilgarf, using the premium currency Ethyr.

There are also rarer non-gacha pets, like the Gorgog Mech Pet or Snelly pet, although as of now Gorgog Mech Pet have somewhat decreased in value due to pets being more common with the Pet Update.

There is also the Chicken Pet, a pet given by the Alpha Gift.

Pet Rarities
Common Pets

Stingtail 30%

Ratty 25%

Forsaken Crab 20%

Basalt Snail 15%

Corgi 10%

Uncommon Pets

Darktail Rooster 30%

King Crab 25%

Chef Ratty 25%

Moglito 10%

Jericho Wheel 10%

Rare Pets

Oakmore Turtle 50%

Tundra Wolf 30%

Cool Shroom 10%

Slime Jr. 10%

Legendary Pets

Bellboy Monkey 55%

Clockwork Owl 30%

Dapper Corgi 10%

Chaos Dragon 5%

All items (30)