NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) are situated around the world of Vesteria. When interacted with, players can buy and sell, obtain Quests, or receive some quick dialogue and information from them.

NPCs with Quests have a yellow exclamation mark (!) floating above their heads. When the quest is accepted by the player, the exclamation mark will change into a gray question mark. Once the quest is complete, the gray question mark will turn yellow.

To see what each merchant NPC sells, go to the article, Shops.

List of NPCs

Key Bank:

(Q): Quest available

(S): Shop


Mushroom Forest

The Clearing

Shiprock Bottom

Seaside Path

Scallop Shores

Port Fidelio

The Colosseum

  • Merchant (S)
  • Gerald Stewart Cashworth
  • Ethra (Q)

Great Crossroads

Enchanted Forest

  • Gnoman
  • Gnomey
  • Gnomera
  • Gnometta
  • Bubbles

Redwood Pass

Warrior Stronghold

Nilgarf Sewers

Tree of Life

Spider Abyss

Aboard the Wayfarer

Forsaken Isle

  • Old Man Peppercot's (S)
  • Kueek Kueek

The Gauntlet (Hunter Occupied)

Whispering Dunes

Gorgog Lab

Removed NPCs

  • The Oracle - Resided in Mushtown and gave the player helpful knowledge about the world of Vesteria; breaks the "4th wall".
  • Lil Pump - Stood where the 3 Faction leader statues stood in Nilgarf, close to the Nilgarf Merchant. He provided the role of choosing a faction before the 3 Faction leaders and Faction bases were added.
  • The Stranger - Sold premium items for Gold before Ethyr was introduced.
  • Dark Simulacrum - Stood close to the Nilgarf bank, allowed transportation to the public Testing Realm.
  • Yeezy McBreezy - Stood in the Testing Realm, could set a player to lvl 10, 30 and 50, could give players 100 Gold , could reset a player's faction and could allow players to join a Class/Subclass.
  • Ethyr Merchant - Sold premium items for Ethyr replaced with Monsieur Fred.

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