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NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) are situated around the world of Vesteria. When interacted with, players can buy and sell, obtain Quests, or receive some quick dialogue and information from them.

NPCs with Quests have a yellow exclamation mark (!) floating above their heads. When the quest is accepted by the player, the exclamation mark will change into a gray question mark, which indicates the quest is in progress. Once the quest is complete, the gray question mark will turn yellow.

Occasionally, NPCs will have non-interactable dialogue shown above their heads randomly.

To see what each merchant NPC sells, go to the article Shops.

List of NPCs

NPC Type Notable Quote
Quest-Giver "Mayor Noah in Mushtown has asked me to report on the Mushroom situation out here near my house. I have enclosed my report in this letter. Would you deliver it to him for me? He will reward you, I'm sure."
Other "Uncle Scruff told me to not stand next to the well."
Other "My brother is dumb. He fell down the well."
Tips "Hehe, I see so many adventurers flying through this area without a second thought."
Quest-Giver "*tummy rumbling* I sure could go for a nutritious snack right about now!"
Quest-Giver "Yes I am so close! I can sense the radiating energy of the precious relic, it must be within reach... You there What is this eavesdropping?! Be off!"
Quest-Giver "I tell ya, runnin' this place ain't easy."
Quest-Giver "Hey adventurer! Yea, you! Would you lend me a hand? It was dark out and some sort of giant, towering beast ambushed my wagon! It stole one of the wheels and ran off..."
Quest-Giver "Hey.. you! You're the Adventurer from earlier, right? Man, I can't believe how badly those Shrooms messed us up!"
Quest-Giver "Welcome to my humble Mushtown Inn. I’m afraid we’re at capacity currently."
Tips "Hey buddy, you've gotten pretty strong haven't you? Come find me if you want to advance to the Great Crossroads."
Dungeon Keeper of Shroompocalypse "We need a brave team to capture a Baby Shroom specimen and return it to us. We have a cage set up, you just need to find one, throw it into a cage and bring it back. Should be a breeze if you have a team."
Other "Ever since I found this wheel, I have something to live for."

NPC Type Notable Quote
Stat Randomizer "For the low price of 10 Silver, I can scramble your Stat Points for you just like my wife scrambled my eggs this morning. Haha, just kidding, my wife divorced me! Whaddua you say, kiddo?"
Storage Management "Why hello there! Might you have storage needs that I can fulfill?"
Merchant of Premium Shop "Hon hon hon, what might Monsieur Fred do for you?"
Quest-Giver [insert quote]
Mercenary Tom
Other "Care to prove yourself in the ring?"
Other "Why do I always get stuck with doing the laundry?"
Other "Fish is such a nutritious food. It restores both HP and MP! I always feel restored after eating some."
Granny Shumps
Other "You adventurers won't stop trampling my lawn."
Other "Nothin' bitin' today."
Carpenter Scott
Other "Yep, we're hard at work. Hard at work here."
Other "Woah there, who are you?"
Other "Do you want to know a spit fact?"
Merchant of Zacha's Incredible Pet Emporium
Merchant and Quest-Giver "NYAAA~."

NPC Type Notable Quote
Quest-Giver "Hey pal, I like watching Snels! I think all the different species are wicked cool and special in their own ways."

NPC Type Notable Quote
Quest-Giver "Hello there stranger. Say, would you mind helping a little old lady bake a pie?"
Quest-Giver and Trader "This right here is the best fishing spot for a thousand miles!"

NPC Type Notable Quote
Quest-Giver "These bees are driving me crazy."
Quest-Giver "Too calm of waters never make for good fishing..."
Quest-Giver "Breaker 1-9, Foxtrot reports an Adventurer approaching Foxtrot, over."
Other "AARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! Git off me ship! Ye be after me explosive booty!!"
Dungeon Keeper of The Gauntlet "Hold on, friend. The way's closed. Bandits have taken over the bridge to the Whispering Dunes"
Quest-Giver and Trader [insert quote]

NPC Type Notable Quote
Hunters Hunter Faction Leader "Greetings, Adventurer! You look like the wild type, come roam free with the Hunters! I'm Admiral Hugo, representative of the great Hunter faction."
Port Fidelio shopkeeper1.png
Merchant of Ye Salty Swashbuckler
Merchant of Cloak and Dagger
Quest-Giver "I see everythin' that happens in this 'ere port."
Other "This place very far from home. But I like very much."
Quest-Giver "WOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAOOOOOO The crazy scientist, he tricked me! I should've known what the Whale Hunters actually were! Pfuussshhhhhh! Please, return to my brother and tell him of my fate. And also, bring him my pocketwatch- it belonged to my father and is very valuable."
Merchant of Wayfarer Tickets "Ahoy! Come to ride the Wayfarer to Forsaken Isle? She's on a trip right now, but she ought to be back in [x] minutes. Would you like a ticket?"
Merchant of Kevin Jr Fishing Supplies
Crafting "Why hello there [username]! How can I help you?"
Assassins Assassin Subclass Mentor "I've heard of you, Hunter. My name's Everett Raldez, or Nightingale if you prefer. I can show you the ways of the Assassin."
Rangers Ranger Subclass Mentor "Hunter, my name is Nysk'har Ikthys, though I am also called Peregrine. I've been searching for worthy recipients of the Ranger style. Will you accept my teachings?"
Tricksters Trickster Subclass Mentor "Hey, Hunter. The name's Nongdam Kim but folks around here call me Mockingbird. You look bored. Why don't you become a Trickster?"

NPC Type Notable Quote
Colosseum shopkeeper.png
Merchant of Spoils of Glory
Other "My word! I do love watching the lower class squabble amongst themselves."
Quest-Giver "I am Ethera, the Champion of the Colosseum. By the ancient laws, the Colosseum cannot be overseen by any mortal man, nor woman. But I am as close as it gets!"

NPC Type Notable Quote
Quest-Giver "A long time ago an old and wise mage passed through these parts. As a favor to the good people of this land he animated out scarecrows to warn off any threats."
Other "Ey there buddy, its a beautiful day in the world of Vesteria, huh?"
Quest-Giver "hey mister! can't talk, i'm on special business duties..."
Merchant of Bounty Shop
Merchant of Streisand's Dye Boutique "Unhappy with how you look? For some coin, I can restore your self-confidence!"

NPC Type Notable Quote
Other "Hi there mister! Watch out for the spiders, they are big and scary!"
Other "im the prettiest gnome in the whole town!"
Other "How many gnomes does it take to screw in a lightblub?"
Other "hi! eeeeee squeak! im the prettiest gnome girl in the whole gnome town!"
Other "hi mister im bubbles!"
Merchant of Gnoman's Fine Gnomery

NPC Type Notable Quote
Other "This camp drools. The real Warrior Stronghold is so much better."
Other "Oh golly gee do I hope I'll become a real Warrior one day. Right now, I'm just a stinking recruit."
Quest-Giver "At ease, private."
Other "Don't worry, I'm okay!"
Quest-Giver "The mountain is a dangerous place."

NPC Type Notable Quote
Warriors Warrior Faction Leader "Good day, Adventurer! You look strong, and fierce! I'm Sir Tristain of the mighty Warriors. Perhaps you've heard of us?"
Other "Hey there friend! My name is Skull Crusher!"
Warrior Stronghold shopkeeper.png
Blacksmith Gregor
Merchant of Gregor's Forge
Potion Merchant
Merchant of Supply Room
Other "This castle doesn't know my name, but they need me."
Other "These recruits are soft. Soft like a cute little soft ball of softness."
Paladins Paladin Subclass Mentor "Greetings, Warrior. Your reputation precedes you! What say you take the next step and become a Paladin?"
Berserkers Berserker Subclass Mentor "I can see that fire in your eyes. You want to get stronger. I can help you. I can show you how to become a Berserker."
Knights Knight Subclass Mentor "Well, well, well! You look like you could lift a shield. You should consider becoming a Knight!"

NPC Type Notable Quote
Other "You there, its been days since I've last eaten. Might you spare 10 Bronze so that I may eat tonight?"
Location Guard "You...You're not thinking of going there, are you!?"

NPC Type Notable Quote
Mages Mage Faction Leader "Hmmm... yes, you look like a promising Adventurer. I see that gleam in your eye. You want to become a Mage, no?"
Other "ME MRS. PLANT!"
Other "ME MR. PLANT!"
Ellenia shopkeeper1.png
Potion Merchant
Mage Shop.PNG
Equipment Merchant
Dungeon Keeper of Spider Abyss "Nothing except pain and despair awaits in the depths of the darkness. The Spider Queen's lair is a vast network of connected rooms and webs, teeming with challenges. To even reach the Queen, you'll need impeccable teamwork and wit."
Quest-Giver "Hey, hey you de humanling. You know how I got des scar? De Spidos. Humanling, I need you to slay the Spido Qween."
Clerics Cleric Subclass Mentor "Oh, could it be? Another heathen that wants to become a Cleric?"
Sorcerers Sorcerer Subclass Mentor "Salutations, Mage! I can sense you have great potential. Why not devote yourself to the study of Mana and become a Sorcerer?"
Warlocks Warlock Subclass Mentor "Oh... are you here about b-becoming a Warlock? I... suppose I can teach you. If you really want me to. It's ok if you say no."

NPC Type Notable Quote
Other "Excuse me, do you have an appointment?"

NPC Type Notable Quote
Wayfarer Guard "Keep out of my way during the trip and we'll make it just fine."
Other "Oh Terul's storms may strengthen sails and make the pirates flee, but Vesra's sun and calmer breeze are weathers [sic] fit for me!"

NPC Type Notable Quote
Merchant of Old Man Peppercot's Sundries

NPC Type Notable Quote
Lieutenant A. C. Rophobia
Other "Boy, oh, boy. That sure is a looong fall."
Quest-Giver "Hello there young chap. Say... what do you have there? An old tattered notebook... that looks quite familiar indeed! That... that looks like it belong to my boy, Mississippi Bones! I'm... I'm afriad he's gone missing, and I haven't the idea where he's ran off to this time..."
Cadet Lucas
Other "Huff, puff... Yeah, these cannons are as heavy as they look."
Gauntlet Shop.jpg
Merchant of Dunes Imports

NPC Type Notable Quote
Other "Mississippi? I know no such man! Who... who is that? Certainly... not I?"
Other "You have yet again demonstrated your wisdom. I wish to bequeath you a weapon from my personal armory. Which do you prefer?"
Other "Yawn. Oh. Hey. Don't worry, I won't attack you. I'm supposed to attack you, but I just don't feel like it. Carry on."
Quest-Giver "Welcome, stranger. I am the keeper of our village's pride and joy: the Sun Tablet!"
Other "I haven't slept well of late... the spirits in the night are restless."
Other "Moon sure is shining bright tonight."
Other "Come one, come all! See which guild best defends our fair village!"
Other "The waters of the spring are refreshing, but you should also know about the fruit of the cactus."
Merchant of Archie "Olly" Jest, Esq.
Merchant of Salasalal's Salvage

NPC Type Notable Quote
Crafting "Fish are such fascinating creatures!"

NPC Type Notable Quote
Yeezy McBreezy
[insert quote]

Note: The following NPCs could spawn in multiple different locations

NPC Type Notable Quote
Fast-Travel "Greetings Adventurer! You know me, the one and only Taximan Dave! I can take you to any location you've visited before."

Removed NPCs

  • The Oracle - Resided in Mushtown and gave the player helpful knowledge about the world of Vesteria; breaks the "4th wall".
  • Lil Pump - Stood where the 3 Faction leader statues stood in Nilgarf, close to the Nilgarf Merchant. He provided the role of choosing a faction before the 3 Faction leaders and Faction bases were added.
  • Rough Ruth - Resided in Mushtown and talked about his aspirations to become a warrior in an "awesome castle".
  • Dark Simulacrum - Stood close to the Nilgarf bank, allowed transportation to the public Testing Realm.
  • Ethyr Merchant - Sold premium items for Ethyr; replaced with Monsieur Fred.
  • Doug, Booster Extraordinaire - Resided in Mushroom Forest near the Clearing portal. He used to inform passing-by Adventurers about Boosters. However, this NPC was removed along with the update that removed Boosters.
  • Wren Brightblade Spirit - A quest giver in Mushtown that was added as part of the Roblox 2021 Metaverse Event.
  • Wren Brightblade - A quest giver in Mushroom Forest that was added as part of the Roblox 2021 Metaverse Event. The player could either receive the quest from him or his spirit. Players must then talk to him with the Metaverse Champions quest active to receive their award and badge.
  • Uncle Bam - A quest giver that resided in Nilgarf and offered a hourly Vesteria Day! quest to players. This was used to celebrate the 4th of July.
  • Red Catgirl-A quest giver in Nilgarf that gives you the quest Who's Da Boss. This quest has been given to the Dancing Catgirl.

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