The Mages are the oldest Faction, predating the Warriors and the Hunters by hundreds of years. Almost everything about their order is a secret. They currently reside in the Tree of Life. Mages wield great power and unmatched utility. There are many directions you can go in as a Mage.

The Tree of Life is where players can purchase equipment exclusive to the Mage class, as well as consumables found nowhere else in Vesteria. Greybeard the Old gives you 3 Mage Runes for free upon swearing loyalty to this faction.

At level 30, Mages are able to select one of three sub-classes available to them- the Cleric, Sorcerer and Warlock.

The Mages have 3 abilities obtained through leveling up, and gaining skill points. Their abilities are:

  • Blink - An ability that thrusts you forward in the direction you're facing, leaving blue, blocky particles behind you. It takes about 1 second for Blink to thrust you. Blink is a great ability for traveling around and takes up 20 MP per use with a cooldown of 4 seconds.
  • Magic Bomb - A classic ability, sending several balls of light towards where your cursor is pointing, creating an explosion when they reach contact with something or are in the air for too long. The Magic Bomb ability is great for doing a lot of damage to multiple enemies all stuck together, costs 23 MP per use with a cooldown of 6 seconds.
  • Thundercall - An ability that summons bolts of lightning from the sky, automatically striking enemies within a certain distance from you. This is the first ability that you are required to get as a mage. At level one, the number of bolts summoned is 4.

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