Current map of Vesteria, as of October 1st, 2019. (v6.1) Enlarge for greater detail.

There are currently 18 locations in the world of Vesteria (not counting the main menu, the opening intro, or the exclusive Testing Realm).


Location Description
Main Menu
Back to safety! This area is GUI-only, where players are able to select a save file and purchase Ethyr. The location is resemblant of the Great Crossroads.
A humble beginning. Players first joining Vesteria will be able to try out some of the game's mechanics, including its combat and quest system.
Mushroom Forest
A mighty glade overtaken by mushrooms. Tough Elder Shrooms roam the area, along with their two younger cousins, the Shroom and Baby Shroom. Also, try jumping on the giant mushrooms!
Great Crossroads
Where great legends begin. Where will you go from here? The city, or the faction bases? Your choice.
A cesspool of culture and grit. Players arrive at the walled-off city to trade or perform various activities, such as re-arranging their stats or getting a new makeover for their avatar.
Scallop Shores
Mhmm I love scallops. But I don't like getting stung by a Rubee.
Redwood Pass
A long hike into the mountains. Guardians like to bully adventurers with their large boulders, and Baby Yetis are much more than they look. However, have you seen a full-grown Yeti? Every hour on the clock, it is said you may spot one.
Enchanted Forest
A magically dangerous place. The goblins aren't very welcoming, although the gnomes, who live in their little village, are. Beware of the pitfalls, because what's down below is a physical manifestation of what an arachnophobic would see in their nightmares.
Port Fidelio Hunter
A commerce paradise. Home of the Hunters. Towers rise high, cannons fly high, everything goes high in Port Fidelio... unless your name's Mobeus. At Level 10, adventurers can join the Hunter faction here.
Warrior Stronghold Warrior-2
The Warrior's base of operations. A mighty castle, the proud warriors are... actually quite humble and welcoming of the visitors. At Level 10, adventurers can join the Warrior faction here.
Tree of Life Mage
Ancient hideaway of the Mages. A giant tree that has stood for centuries has enhanced the vegetation around it. Anyone know exactly how old that tree is? At Level 10, adventurers can join the Mage faction here.
Mushroom Grotto
A hidden mushroom hideout. Word has it that the Elder Shrooms like to play chess in here.
Shiprock Bottom
A graveyard along the sea floor. Downed ships are found throughout the area as well as underwater vegetation and coral. The Snel family dwells down here.
Nilgarf Sewers
What secrets dwell below the city? Rattys and Battys dwell in this paradise of filth, along with a beggar and a barbarian with a penchant for ratty parts.
Lost Corridor
Forgotten passage. Some people said this was an ancient trade route for merchants, but it's just a myth.
The Colosseum
Will you gain glory, or devastating injuries? The inside of the arena is universal PvP, which means everybody can hurt anyone. Exclusive to the area is a currency called Mark of Valor, which is used to purchase items and exclusive sets of armor from the local NPC merchant.
Spider Camp
The calm before the storm. This is a dedicated waiting room for high-leveled players to group up before tackling on their next challenge. They can also redeem their Royal Spider Eggs for elusive items via Foo, a gnome merchant.
The Spider Lair
Into the belly of the beast. Host of the Spider Queen's Revenge dungeon, where participants would be required to overcome obstacles and hostile mobs in order to reach the Spider Queen.
Some pair of geologists you encountered ask you to protect an incarcerated Baby Shroom from a bunch of other shrooms. Why did they capture the adorable infant Shroom in the first place? Don't ask.
Testing Realm
World zero of upcoming updates. Only the more experienced players may step foot in this bizarre land that is Vesteria development. Those who enter can test upcoming features and items, but cannot leave with them.

Upcoming Locations

Location Description
The Whispering Dunes
Upcoming desert zone with a hydration mechanic. For Level 30+.
The Badlands Referring from this post [1] "A large section of our world called “The Badlands” with global pvp and temporary inventory/stealing similar to the dark zone in The Division"
Bandit Fort Referring from this post [2] "...and a desert temple party quest."
Unnamed Tiki Island Map A tropical island covered in snow and inhabited by unnamed tiki mobs. It has been teased on the Vesteria Discord and on Twitter.

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