The Hunters are the youngest of three Factions. They reign over a massive tropical port city, known as Port Fidelio. They fight with bows and daggers and use agility and stealth to their advantage. Hunters like to stay lightweight and are the most versatile class, with many options open to you. This would make a Hunter player favor Dexterity over the other 2 classes, which also grants the Hunter exclusive Bow weapon for more damage.

Port Fidelio is where players can purchase equipment exclusive to the Hunter class, as well as consumables found nowhere else in Vesteria. Admiral Hugo gives you a Wooden Dagger and 3 Hunter Runes for free upon swearing to this faction.

At level 30, Hunters are able to select one of three sub-classes available to them:

  • Assassin - Stealthy fighter with the ability to turn invisible and deal high damage to enemies.
  • Ranger - Ranged user focused on enhancing their own arrows. While their basic attack is single-target focused, they have the ability to hit large groups with deadly damage.
  • Trickster - Quick-moving fighter that can confuse and ensnare opponents. Highly effective dodging capabilities.


  • Dags
    Execute (20 MP): This ability is designed to finish off a heavily-damaged enemy or group of enemies at a point-blank range. Even though it has a sluggish cooldown, if a killing blow on an enemy mob is made with this ability, it can be used again without the need to wait through the cooldown. If you are holding anything other than a dagger weapon in your hand you can not use Execute. This skill can be upgraded by a total of 10 times.
  • Doublejump
    Double Jump (Passive): Self-explanatory; allows you to do a jump in mid-air, improving a Hunter's mobility options. Performing the double jump late into a regular jump will cause the Hunter to instead perform a delayed upward thrust. However, gaining too much momentum from falling may cause the double jump to not work at all when executed. This skill cannot be upgraded after it is unlocked.
  • Triple-0
    Barrage (15 MP): As a sharpshooter wielding a bow, this skill allows you to shoot three arrows at once, without using up a single arrow in your inventory. You can't use this skill when you have equipped any other weapon than a bow. This skill can be upgraded 10 times.
  • Shadow step-0
    Shunpo (10 MP): Causes the Hunter to dash forward, ignoring collision on enemies. If the Hunter has a dagger equipped, moderate damage will be dealt to an enemy on contact. It can be used to either approaching enemies or move quickly to places. This skill can be upgraded 10 times.

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