Enemies in Vesteria are beings within the game that will seek to eliminate the player. There are many enemies within the game, each with its own respective location(s).


To see all the drops of a mob, please read its given page.

Mob Name Level Location(s)
Baby Shroom 1-8 Mushtown, Mushroom Forest, Mushtropolis
Tough Baby Shroom 2-11 Mushtown, Mushtropolis
Shroom 3-10 Mushtown, Mushroom Forest, Mushroom Grotto, Mushtropolis
Elder Shroom 5-13 Mushroom Forest, Mushroom Grotto, Mushtropolis
Poisoned Shroom 6-15 Mushroom Grotto, Mushtropolis
Hog 7 Great Crossroads
Crabby 9 Scallop Shores
Goblin 9 Enchanted Forest
Baby Yeti 9 Redwood Pass
Treemuk 9 Redwood Pass
Comicsans Chad 13 Mushroom Grotto
Rubee 14 Scallop Shores
Scarecrow 15 Great Crossroads
Sage Shroom 15 Mushtropolis
Spider 15-22 Enchanted Forest, The Spider Lair
Snelvin 17 Shiprock Bottom
Spiderling 18-22 The Spider Lair
Snelleth 18 Shiprock Bottom
Snel Snel 19 Shiprock Bottom
Shaman 19 Enchanted Forest
Snelly 20 Shiprock Bottom
Comicsans The Yeti 20 Redwood Pass
Guardian 21 The Colosseum, Redwood Pass
Ratty 21 Nilgarf Sewers
Batty 23 Nilgarf Sewers
Spider Egg Pile 25 The Spider Lair
Shield Generator 25 The Spider Lair
Spider Prince 23 The Spider Lair
Comicsans Spider Queen 25 The Spider Lair
Comicsans Terror of the Deep 27 was Shiprock Bottom
Forsaken Crabby 31 (not yet) Forsaken Isle
Moglo 32 Forsaken Isle
Mogloko 34 Forsaken Isle
Comicsans Mo Ko Tu Aa 35 Forsaken Isle
Scorpion 35 The Whispering Dunes
Bandit 35+ The Whispering Dunes
ComicsansScarab 50 The Whispering Dunes

'Comicsans' highlights boss enemies.

Giant enemies

See: Giant Enemies.

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