Enemies in Vesteria are beings within the game that will seek to eliminate the player. There are many enemies within the game, each with its own respective location(s).

Enemies Edit

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Mob Name Level Location(s)
Baby Shroom 1-8 Mushtown, Mushroom Forest, Mushtropolis
Tough Baby Shroom 2-11 Mushtown, Mushtropolis
Shroom 3-10 Mushtown, Mushroom Forest, Mushroom Grotto, Mushtropolis
Elder Shroom 5-13 Mushroom Forest, Mushroom Grotto, Mushtropolis
Poisoned Shroom 6-15 Mushroom Grotto, Mushtropolis
Hog 7 Great Crossroads
Crabby 9 Scallop Shores
Goblin 9 Enchanted Forest
Baby Yeti 9 Redwood Pass
Treemuk 9 Redwood Pass
Rubee 14 Scallop Shores
Scarecrow 15 Great Crossroads
Sage Shroom 15 Mushtropolis
Spider 15-22 Enchanted Forest, The Spider Lair
Snelvin 17 Shiprock Bottom
Spiderling 18-22 The Spider Lair
Snelleth 18 Shiprock Bottom
Snel Snel 19 Shiprock Bottom
Shaman 19 Enchanted Forest
Snelly 20 Shiprock Bottom
Comicsans The Yeti 20 Redwood Pass
Guardian 21 The Colosseum, Redwood Pass
Ratty 21 Nilgarf Sewers
Batty 23 Nilgarf Sewers
Spider Egg Pile 25 The Spider Lair
Shield Generator 25 The Spider Lair
Spider Prince 25 The Spider Lair
Comicsans Spider Queen 25 The Spider Lair
Comicsans Terror of the Deep 27 was Shiprock Bottom

'Comicsans' highlights boss enemies.

Supersized Enemies Edit

Occasionally, a message will pop up indicating a supersized enemy has spawned. Currently there are 3 known supersized variants: Giant, Super Giant, and Colossal.

Supersized enemies act as the game's mini-bosses, having drastically more health than regular variants, and drop more loot when defeated. They can also drop any scroll. The more damage someone does to the Supersized enemy, the more loot they will be able to collect. Players might have to work together as a team to eliminate one, although a strong player who is prepared may take down one by themselves.

Notifiers Edit

Enemy Variation Notification Color On-Screen Notification In-Chat Notification Health Multiplier
Giant Red "Run for your life! A giant [enemy] has been spotted!" "A giant [enemy] has been spotted!" x75
Super Giant Pink "GET OUT OF HERE! A super giant [enemy] has been spotted!" "A super giant [enemy] has been spotted!" x250
Giga Super Giant Orange "SWEET MOTHER OF MUSHROOM! A GIGA SUPER GIANT [enemy] has been spotted!" "GET OUT OF HERE! A GIGA SUPER GIANT [enemy] has been spotted!" x1,000
Colossal Orange "SWEET MOTHER OF MUSHROOM! A COLOSSAL [enemy] has been spotted!" "A colossal [enemy] has been spotted!" x1,000

Trivia Edit

The "Giga Super Giant" enemy modifier was changed to the Colossal modifier as of update beta-1.4.

  • The modifier has only been naturally seen to be assigned to Spiderlings, when the Spider Queen's Revenge timer runs out. This also happens to be the reason why the modifier was added in the first place.

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