Boss Bosses are aggressive, resilient Enemies that are usually tanky and have special attacks, attack patterns, or unique AIs that offer a substantial challenge to players. In most cases, players will see a boss health bar appear on the top of their screen indicating the amount of remaining health the boss has. Bosses that have some qualities of Bosses are Mini-Bosses. Bosses drop unique and valuable loot that could be beneficial to the players who obtain them.

List of Bosses

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Boss Level Health Location
Stomping Sycamore (Upcoming) 8? ??? Sycamore's Hollow
Chad 13 148,650 Mushroom Grotto
Horseshoe Crab (upcoming) ??? Unknown Unknown
The Yeti 20 735,000 Redwood Pass
Spider Queen 25 299,850 Spider Abyss (Dungeon), The Spider Lair
Terror of the Deep (formerly) 27 2,500,000 Shiprock Bottom
Mo Ko Tu Aa 35 2,002,700 Forsaken Isle
Possum the Devourer 50 785,280 The Pit

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