Boots are a type of clothing worn as footwear. Most boots enhance Walkspeed or Stamina, but can come with additional effects as well.

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Name Level Class Effects
Worn Boots 2

+1 Stamina

Bandit Boots 15 Hunter +1 Stamina

+1 Movement Speed

Yeti Fur Boots 20 +40% HP Regen

+2 Stamina

Skirmisher Boots 21 Hunter +1 Stamina

+2 Movement Speed

Iron Boots 21 Warrior +1 DEF

+2 Stamina

-5 Jump

Ravager Boots 27 Hunter

+30 Max MP

+1 Stamina

+3 Movement Speed

Gladiator Boots 27 Warrior +1 DEF

+5 STR

+2 Stamina

Marauder Boots 28 Hunter +1 Stamina

+3 Movement Speed

Steel Boots 28 Warrior +2 DEF

-6 Jump Power

+3 Stamina

Scarab Tongue Boots 40 +10 Jump Power

+3 Movement Speed

Sandskulker Boots 40 Hunter +2 Stamina

+4 Walkspeed

Duneplate Greaves 40 Warrior +2.5 Stamina


  • Worn Boots has two special variants, Lucky Boots (no longer obtainable and deleted from existence due to a data wipe) and Greedy Boots, the only footwear that gives Greed.

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