Captain Varlic is a hard-working captain that works with Deckmate Riggs, on the Wayfarer, which sails people to the Forsaken Isle.


At Port Fidelio when the Wayfarer arrives;

Welcome aboard, landlubber. What be yer reason for travelling to this Forsaken Isle?

  • If the Player chooses Adventure:

Aboard the Wayfarer;

"Oh Terul's storms may strengthen sails and make the pirates flee, but Vesra's sun and calmer breeze are weathers fit for me!"

"Haha! Nothin' like a sea shanty on the open waves, eh landlubber?"

At Forsaken Isle when the Wayfarer arrives;

"Well, landlubber, we be here. We'll be coming around if you want to get off this Forsaken Isle later."


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