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Current Bugs and Glitches Edit

  • When scrolling down the settings/keybinds menu using the mouse scroll wheel, the camera zooms in and out while you scroll up/down the page.
  • There may be save issues with slots where it may not load properly and say "new game". If you encounter this bug, exiting and rejoining the game will help.
  • Sometimes, dropped items can't be picked up, and they just sit on the floor with the "Pick up" notification in the bottom right of the screen even though pressing your pick up button doesn't do anything, and the item remains on the ground.
  • Enemies (mostly baby yetis) sometimes remain frozen in their attack animation, unable to be killed.
  • When loading into a map, sometimes an incorrect map name and description will be used compared to the map image. Sometimes the map name and description don't even match each other. Example:
    Screenshot (576)
  • When running through teleporters at fast speeds (due to cannons, etc), you won't get teleported and you'll just go through the black sections with no effect.
  • This uranium log at Seaside Path:
    Screenshot (573)
  • Acquiring large amounts of XP at once can cause your XP bar to extend beyond the point of levelling up, like this:
    Screenshot (581)
    *When killing a mob, you level up and use up all XP needed to extend to that next level. All remaining XP is then added to the bar, which may keep extending until all excess XP is used up.
  • Bluesteel Chests sometimes won't reward the items into the player's inventory after they're opened, even though the notifications come up in the bottom right.
  • Using the Warrior's Combat Roll when being fired out of a cannon will cause him to lose all of the velocity given from the cannon, falling straight down instead of forward.
  • Players have the chance to spawn outside of the map in Nilgarf Sewers.
  • Players sometimes will be flung off the map, bringing them to a void and then to the main menu.
  • Not so much a bug, but the word "wife." is hash-tagged in the 'Helping Hand' badge's description.
  • This wooden beam is always playing in the water at the entrance of Nilgarf Sewers from Nilgarf:
  • A Chest in The Clearing and Mushtown seem to be the same chest, as you can only open one of the two every 24 hours, and opening the other will show the message of not being able to open the chest for "XX:XX amount of time". Click the location links to see the 2 specific chests. This happens with a few other chests dotted around the world too, including one in the small stream in Farmlands.
  • NPCs sometimes are bugged like this, and have no response when interacted with.
    Screenshot (612)
  • When your inventory is full, you won't be able to stack anymore items onto items already in your inventory even though it's not a full stack. You have to have at least 1 empty slot in the inventory section to be able to continue stacking.
  • If you have 2 stacks, one on top of the other in your inventory, and let's say the top stack only has 5 items in it and the bottom is full, then dragging the stack of five into the "Sell" box on merchants and selling them will empty 5 out of the full stack, but leave the stack of 5 still there. This is just a bit irritating sometimes.
  • The teleporter to Farmlands from Enchanted Forest isn't very good at teleporting you, as most of the right side just acts as a black wall. You have to jump on the left side of the teleporter to actually be teleported.
  • There's a giant rock behind some houses to the right when you enter Nilgarf from The Clearing which has a big, buggy, pixelated red/pink texture on it
  • Bluesteel Chests sometimes reward "glitched coins" (each one has a value of however many silver the specific Bluesteel Chest gives normally from its Mushcoin reward) into the player's inventory. It can assign anywhere from 2-12 coins into the inventory from my experience with the bug using multiple save slots. The "glitched coins" have the icon 'BronzeCoin', and can be traded. When dropped, they appear as silver coins on the ground, and can be picked up to attain the silver. Any "glitched coins" that the player gains will appear with the other notifications from opening the chest in the bottom right, and will just look like a regular Silver drop even though it actually gives the glitched coins. *This bug has no use if the Bluesteel Chest bug comes into play, where any items that appear in the notifications in the bottom right aren't actually placed into the player's inventory after opening a Bluesteel chest.
  • Some enemies spawn invincible, being able to do damage to the player without taking damage themselves.
  • Character Previews commonly break, and the name tag wihin the inventory sometimes goes off screen. Same with the experience bar in the inventory.
  • You can bug NPCs by dying next to them. It causes them to bug out like this horse shown in this video:
  • When you are on a Mac OS the game will take a long time to load, like 4-5 minutes, and most times it will spawn you in the void, creating an endless cycle.
  • Using a magic bomb on large groups of enemies will trigger the anti-cheat, kicking the user out of the game.
  • The door to enter the maze in Nilgarf Sewers is unresponsive

Previous Bug and Glitches Edit

  • If the player falls out of the world in any place in the game, they will respawn with infinite stamina. This has been made impossible due to the death penalty update.
  • As a warrior, using both the Roll, Uppercut and Slam special attacks while sprinting and jumping at the same time caused you to skate across the map with ease. This was nicknamed Warrior Skating by some. This bug existed as soon as the special attacks were added, and was fixed at around 1.1.

(Editors make sure to include a brief bug description, when it the bug first appeared, and when it got fixed.)

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