If you wish to report a bug, report is privately via Discord (discord.gg/vesteria) to somebody with the blue "Tester" role. They will relay the bug onto the developers if it has not already been reported. If you are too young to use Discord, just comment your bug below.

What to include in your report:

  • Step-by-step details to recreate the bug
  • Description of the situation in which the bug occurred
  • Developer Console (F9 on PC) errors if applicable
  • Any other info you can give

Please refrain from sending common bugs, such as "Barrage doesn't work", "my screen goes thermal when I die", or "Moglokos don't do damage", and "mac and mobile don't work". These have been reported an uncountable amount of times.

If you think your bug is of exceptional importance, such as money duplication, you may consider attempting to directly contact a developer through pinging them on Discord. However, PLEASE make sure that what you're reporting is of genuine importance, and is indeed a bug, if you choose to do this.

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