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Brutus, the City Guard (formerly Atticus) is a Guard and NPC that stands outside the entrance to Nilgarf in Great Crossroads. If you are under Level 20, Brutus will kick you away from the gate, dealing 100 damage to the player.

The knockback and damage can stack by spamming the [x] button in his dialog, remaining knockback after dying this way will also apply when you respawn after.


Previously, another guard named Greg, the City Guard stood next to Brutus, the City Guard that gave the "A Respected Guard" Quest. However, he got moved to the exit of the Mushroom Forest, then later the exit of Mushtown.

NPC Dialogue

1st Encounter

"Hey.. you! You're not from here are you?"

Under Level 20

"You're a weakling! You don't have what it takes to make it in Nilgarf." [Deals 100 damage to the player's health while flinging them].

Level 20+

"Hmm.. You do look strong. Don't get caught up in any shenanigans while you're here, Nilgarf doesn't need anymore trouble. You may pass."

Other Dialogue

"What do you want?"

Update History


  • Before, Brutus would not kill the player but would simply kick them and fling them a long distance.

8/8/2021 Nerf.png

  • Nerf.png Damage: ∞ -> 100
  • Buff.png Level Requirement: 7 -> 20


  • It is possible to get into Nilgarf without being Level 20 using these methods:
  • Brutus's name is likely a reference to Marcus Junius Brutus, one of the people involved in the stabbing of Julius Caesar.
  • Occasionally, a glitch will occur where players above level 20 still get punted.
  • He can kick you anywhere in the map, the knockback and damage stack, and he is one of the 4 npcs that can defeat Chad in his ultimate form(Giga Chad).
  • He is the only way to be able to reach the floating point of Vesteria.