• Slimebomlama12


    November 16, 2019 by Slimebomlama12

    as i said there is an error on vesteria. i CANT play. it have been like this for nearly 2 days! i think no one can play but i wanna know the reason. i cant find any information about what have happened so if u know please message back :(

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  • WhyNotLuke


    August 28, 2019 by WhyNotLuke
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  • MilkvvTea

    im in a pickle

    May 26, 2019 by MilkvvTea

    so basically i decided to play vesteria and meet the beta players ( i had the game for a few days now so im an alpha player) and when i tried to get the alpha player things, fred would'nt let me, i tried asking for help but everyone ignored me. I'm level 10 and a hunter, is this a problem for anyone else

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  • Helper Rick

    Title says it all. Looking for content mods and discussion mods. If I think you're qualified enough, and you've been on here for a while, I'll probably promote you. That's basically it, notthing else to say.

    Happy Beta, and enjoy your chickens!

    - Helper Rick, wiki bureaucrat and founder

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  • Etshaw

    Warrior Discord Server

    April 22, 2019 by Etshaw

    Made a Discord Server for Warrior Come Join!

    Please Read the Rules and Have Fun!

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  • Marsium

    Background Submission

    March 2, 2019 by Marsium

    Based what I posted on this topic, I am planning to redesign the wiki. The first thing I will do is background changes on specific pages, not just same one background. The screenshotted image is a location on Vesteria (Mushtown, Enchanted Forest, ect.), and must be full HD (1920x1080px) and no players or HUD in it. The best image will be displayed and gets acknowledgment to that image.

    Submit your screenshots here or on our Discord server at #wiki channel.

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  • Marsium

    Recently, I created a account named as the same name, Marsium.

    If you want to know what other sites I owned an account, go to my website.

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  • Marsium

    Blog 9: Ending weekly blog

    December 30, 2018 by Marsium

    I am sorry to hear this, but I will not post blog weekly.

    I have a lot of stuff going on. I am also rarely play Roblox. I still post blogs for other stuff I like show you.

    If you like me blogging, go to Battle for Dream Island Wiki because I blog a lot there and hang out a lot of other people. I go there most of the time.

    If you like to hang out with me, go to Discord server of this wiki. I do not chat a lot, but you can still chat with me live.

    If you do not know, I have a website. Go here.


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  • Marsium

    Blog 8: My first music

    December 22, 2018 by Marsium

    Sorry for not posting blogs. I got a busy month.

    I made my first music today! Go listen to it!

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  • Marsium

    Blog 7: Being hunter class

    November 24, 2018 by Marsium

    Hey. (Wow so much for introduction.)

    I am going to talk about each classes in the game. The Last class is Hunter.

    Based what I know, Hunter is good. If you like being stealthy, Hunter class is a right fit for you. Better mobility like run faster and jump higher is also why being a hunter is good. That is all I know for now.

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  • Marsium

    Blog 6: Being mage class

    November 18, 2018 by Marsium

    Hey readers!

    I am going to talk about each classes in the game. This blog is Mage.

    Mage is cool and can do more than just shooting orbs of magic. There is a lot of possibilities to do while being a mage. It is a good class for other players.

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  • Marsium

    Blog 5: Being warrior class

    November 10, 2018 by Marsium

    Hey users! I am back!

    I am going to talk about each classes in the game. The first one is Warrior.

    I become Warrior before it became paid access. I like wielding a sword so that is why choose Warrior class. Being a warrior is great. I like high damage and take hits. I have nothing else to talk about as it is still early access and new stuff is still added.

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  • Snow Kyogre

    About Fishing

    November 4, 2018 by Snow Kyogre

    Should we have separate pages for each fish or just one big list page? All fish at the moment have the same function, although this will probably change

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  • Marsium

    Blog 4: Demo

    November 3, 2018 by Marsium

    Hello wiki readers! It is blog time!

    The Vesteria Demo version is officially open. It is still good to play. It has most of the of the gameplay from the full version. The basic weapons, items, few enemies, and a quest is included to the demo. This is great for new players to try Vesteria before paying the full version. What do you think of the demo version?

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  • Marsium

    Blog 3: Late blogging

    October 30, 2018 by Marsium

    Hello guy! I did not post a blog in time, but at least posted it. I do not have much time so I will do this extremely quickly.

    How do you rated Vesteria? My is 10 out of 10! 5 stars! Game of the millennium! Definitely would play again.

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  • Marsium

    Blog time!

    Recently, I am started to play with my PlayStation Portable (PSP-2001 model). Ahh... good times. But sometime it is frustrating to use for two reasons. One, there is no battery inside because one battery do not work and the another but bulkier battery is damaged. Two, the charger is dented and does not fit that most of the time it disconnect the only power source that cause my PSP to turn off instantly because there is no battery.

    Do you have some old device too? Tell me.

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  • Marsium

    Hello . I just started a weekly blog and post it here at this wiki every Saturday. What do I post? Well I am going to post random and relatable stuff I do.

    I think this is the good time to introduce myself.

    This is Marsium. I'm a gamer. I always love playing video games everyday. I like listening to music, and creating images. I also know HTML and CSS. I read a lot of wikis way before I created my account. I read them for gamimg purposes. Most of my time, I read every page on the wiki. I created my FANDOM account months ago. I created it so I can help them with anything. Update the outdated, revert vandalism, and help other users.

    Well, time to end now. See you around!

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  • Runlog

    New to Wiki

    October 8, 2018 by Runlog

    Hello there, I am Eddie. I just joined the wikia fanbase and I am a super mmorpg nerd. I really like to grind and play with friends on these types of games. I also will be contributing to some game wikia's and posting honest & quality information for everyone. 

                                  Glad to be here

                                              - Eddie

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