The Blacksmith is an NPC found in the Warrior Stronghold. He primarily sells Warrior-only armor and weapons.

Shop Edit

Item Price
Big Red Potion Big Red Potion 150 BronzeCoin
Blue Potion Blue Potion 70 BronzeCoin
Rusty Sword Rusty Sword 1 SilverCoin
Bronze Sword Bronze Sword 8 SilverCoin
Bronze Mace Bronze Mace 11 SilverCoin
Rusty Armor Rusty Armor 8 SilverCoin
Bronze Armor Bronze Armor 15 SilverCoin
Iron Armor Iron Armor 32 SilverCoin
Rusty Helmet Rusty Helmet 4 SilverCoin
Bronze Helmet Bronze Helmet 9 SilverCoin
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet 15 SilverCoin
Warrior Rune Warrior Rune 5 SilverCoin
Steel boots Steel Boots 40 SilverCoin
Iron Knee Pads Iron Knee Pads 15 SilverCoin
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