The Blacksmith is an NPC found in the Warrior Stronghold. He primarily sells Warrior-only armor and weapons.

Shop Edit


Item Price
Big Red Potion Big Red Potion (Retired) 150 BronzeCoin
Blue Potion Blue Potion (Retired) 70 BronzeCoin
Rusty Sword Rusty Sword 9.4 SilverCoin
Bronze Sword Bronze Sword 13.9 SilverCoin
Bronze Mace Bronze Mace 17.3 SilverCoin
Rusty Armor Rusty Armor 13.4 SilverCoin
Bronze Armor Bronze Armor 24.7 SilverCoin
Iron Armor Iron Armor 40.9 SilverCoin
Rusty Helmet Rusty Helmet 6.7 SilverCoin
Bronze Helmet Bronze Helmet 12.3 SilverCoin
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet 20.4 SilverCoin
Warrior Rune Warrior Rune (Retired) 5 SilverCoin
Steel boots Steel Boots 22 SilverCoin
Iron Knee Pads Iron Knee Pads 14.3 SilverCoin
{Missing_Template} Iron Sword 24.6 SilverCoin
{Missing_Template} Steel Sword 44.1 SilverCoin
{Missing_Template} Steel Armor 63.1 SilverCoin
{Missing_Template} Steel Helmet 31.5 SilverCoin
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