"The fury of the twin blades knows no equal in battle." - Berserker Tooltip


The Berserker is a sub-class branching from the Warrior Class. The Berserker uses two blades and pure strength to destroy their enemies. Any user of the Warrior Class can become a Berserker by speaking to Kastakar the Undaunted at Level 30. The Berserker subclass is the only subclass or class that can dual-wield.

Kastakar the Undaunted, the Berserker mentor, can be found at the Warrior Stronghold on the roof.


  • Bladespin - The user spins around with their blades, damaging anyone or thing unfortunate to be in their path.
  • War Cry - The user lets out a war cry, boosting the morale and attack for them and their allies.
  • Ferocious Assault - The user unleashes a slash flurry with both of their swords, and during the entire animation, the player cannot move, or use any abilities.
  • Berserkers' third slash (Triple Slash) deals double damage on top of the 1.5X damage bonus, meaning that their third slash deals triple their base damage, unlike 1.5X for other warriors.
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