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This article is a Guide Page. This means this page will walk you through a specific task such as techniques and strategies.

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Note: This guide is a walkthrough for beginners who are new to Vesteria. It is not to be used for speedrunning on new slots and is a basic way of describing the game to newbies (level 1-10).

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Main Menu

After joining the game, your main menu should look something similar to this. You will also see 4 different slots, which allow you to have and select 4 different file saves for the game. Choose one slot and create a new game. Then, click the green Play button to begin.


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After clicking Play, you will have the option to modify the appearance of your character. Note: you can’t change your appearance after starting until you talk to a certain NPC later in the game. Once you've completed this step, click the green Play button once more to start the game. This will take you directly to the first location, Mushtown.

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Mushtown2 (1).jpg
Welcome to the outskirts of Mushtown! Explore around as this map is decently big for new players. Mushtown is a large map consisting of a town, along with some enemies that roam in the outskirts. The entire map is mushroom-themed with forests of large fungi and mushrooms. Various sublocations exist in this map.

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  • WASD or Arrow keys control direction of movement.
  • Holding Shift while moving allows you to sprint.
  • The space bar lets you jump.
  • "C" allows interaction with NPCs and objects.
  • "F" picks up items. It is recommended to set this keybind to "W" in the settings.
    • More detail of this is covered on this page.
  • The Settings tab allows you to change the music volume, go to the main menu, change the keybinds, change volume, and switch to light/dark mode.


  • Thumbstick controls direction of movement.
  • Dragging thumbstick fully allows you to sprint.
  • The jump button lets you jump.
  • The hopper button picks up items.
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Quest Log >

The Inventory

  • “Q” opens inventory, or you can use the tabs near the left of your screen (looks like a bag icon).
  • 2 types of inventory: Player, Storage
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Chests >

Quest Log

  • “R” opens Quest Log, or you can use the tabs near the left of your screen.
  • The Quest Log will show all in-progress (with white background), completed (with yellow background), and redeemed (with grayed out background) quests.
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Weapons and Equipment >


You may notice chests around the map. Hit Chests 5 times to open it. When a chest opens, the item is automatically transferred to your inventory. However, if your inventory is full, the item will instead pop out of the chest in its dropped form. There are currently 3 types of chests you can find: The wooden chest, the Bluesteel chest, and the golden chest!

Wooden Chest

  • Wooden chests give common items such as potions, scrolls, and maybe even a weapon! Rewards are often random.

Bluesteel Chest

  • Bluesteel chests tend to give rare loot such as upgraded weapons and better scrolls!

Golden Chest

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Scruff's Quest >

Weapons and Defensive Equipments

  • Weapons are Equipment that provide base weapon attack damage for the player.
    Once equipped, the player can click to swing their weapon dealing certain damage to certain mobs. Certain abilities will also require a certain weapon to be equipped in order to use it (will be specified in the description of the ability). Sometimes, you can place a weapon in offhand, however for now you will not be able to do so.
  • Defensive equipments are Equipment that players can equip and provide various different stats depending on the type of armor.
    • Headgears are a type of defensive equipment that players wear, as the name states, on their head. Most headgears tend to provide an increase in stats, with the exception of some such as Aviator's Cap or Rubee Halo.
    • Armors is a type of equipment that players wear for protection purposes. Most armor will provide an increase in base defense while some can come with additional stat bonuses.
    • Boots are a type of defensive equipment that players wear, as the name states, on their feet. Most boots provide buffs in mobility stats such as Stamina, Walkspeed, or Jump.
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Scruff's Quest

Once you locate an area with small apartments, called the Scruff Residence, head over and talk to the NPC Scruff to receive your first quest.

Scruff in scruffs residence. simply start the quest by pressing the talk button near him.

Scruff has tasked you with obtaining Chicken Eggs! Try to locate some Chickens near the Residence.

Every player starts off with a Stick weapon, so open your inventory (Default is Q) and equip the stick. Now once you have your stick equipped, go near a Chicken and click to swing your weapon. Once you hit the Chicken, items should start to fly off the Chicken. (Note: The Stick weapon has a small hitbox, meaning that it may be extremely challenging to get a hit off a Chicken. You can ask others for help if you find difficulty in doing this). This includes Chicken Feathers, Chicken Legs, and Chicken Eggs.

After you've collected 2 Chicken Eggs, return to Scruff to complete his quest.

Upon completing part 1 of Scruff's Quest, you will receive a few potions and enough experience to level up.

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Stats and Skills >


Consumables are items that have a limited use and can be consumed to gain certain effects. The potions you just received from completing Scruff's quest are example of consumables. More examples include:

Red Potion.png

  • HP Potions- HP potions are a type of consumable that restores a certain amount of health. Some potions come with additional stat bonus effects.

Blue Potion.png

  • MP Potions- MP potions are a type of consumable that restores a certain amount of MP (mana).


  • Food- Food is a type of consumable that provides all sorts of effects. Some may restore health, MP, provide bonus stats, and enhance mobility stats.

Fresh Fish.png

  • Fish- Fish is a type of consumable that provides all sorts of effects. Additionally, it can be obtained through fishing. Fish shares pretty much the same effects as certain food counterparts, but may also provide appearance effects such as emitting particles.

Mushtown Rune.png

  • Runes- Runes are a type of consumable that allows players to fast travel. The name and icon of the rune specifies where the rune will take the player once used.


  • Reset Tomes- Reset Tomes are a type of consumable that allows players to reset certain stats. A Stat Reset Tome resets the 4 core stats we described, while the Skill Reset Tome resets the skill points and allows players to reassign them.
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Scruff's Quest 2 >

Stats and Skills

Each time you level up, you'll get 4 points: 3 stat points and 1 skill point. To open your stats, the default key is “E”.

For stat points you can invest in these 4 different core stats: STRength, DEXterity, INTelligence, and VITality.

To view more information about Stats, visit the official page here.



Strength is a Stat that gives bonus physical damage and stamina. It is recommended for Warriors Warriors and Hunters Hunters (Don't worry about classes for now as they will be covered in the Intermediate Guide). Each point grants 0.625% rounded down Physical Damage per level.


Dexterity is a Stat that gives bonus attack speed, critical chance, and block chance. It is recommended for HuntersHunters and BerserkersBerserkers, although any class can benefit from it. Each point grants 2/3 rounded down Agility, 2/9% rounded down Critical Strike Chance, and 1/6% Block Chance per level.


Intelligence is a Stat that increases MP and magical damage. It is recommended for Mages Mages, PaladinsPaladins, and TrickstersTricksters. Each point grants 0.625% rounded down Magical Damage and +1 mana per level.


Vitality is a Stat that increases HP. It is recommended for players who want to be tankier. Each point grants +5 HP, although some classes react differently to VIT points.


Additionally, you will gain 1 Skill point every time you level up. After Level 10, you will no longer gain Adventurer Skill points and instead will receive class-specific based on which one you chose.

Double Slash

Double Slash is a passive Ability that reduces basic attack end lag which enables a second swing. It is highly recommended to spend your first point to unlock this ability.


Regeneration is a healing Ability that grants a highly increased regeneration rate for a limited amount of time.

Rock Throw

Rock Throw is a damaging Ability that will act as your first projectile, dealing Physical Damage. It is recommended for if you plan on being a Warriors Warrior.

Magic Missile

Magic Missile is a damaging Ability that acts as a projectile, dealing Magical Damage. It is more effective than Rock Throw with enough points into INT. It is recommended for Mages Mages or people who like magic-based attacks.

Additional Stats

The following are some additional stats that aren't part of the 4 core stats, but can be found on the bottom of the player stat menu. There are no specific options to place points in these stats.


Attack affects how much base damage a player deals. The attack stat does not directly determine how much actual damage a player deals as there are also other stats that contribute to it.


Defense reduces the damage a player takes.

Movement Speed

Movement Speed, or Walkspeed, affects how fast the player can walk or sprint across a map.


Jump affects how high the player can jump.


Greed is a stat that increases the chance to earn double Bronze when killing Mobs. This includes mushcoins from Enemies as well as from Chests. Greed will also affect Fishing by increasing the percentage of getting certain fish depending on how high their rarity is.

Physical Attack Bonus

Physical Attack Bonus allows players to deal bonus damage when performing a physical attack (basic attack, warrior abilities, etc). This stat comes from placing points in STR.

Magical Attack Bonus

Magical Attack Bonus allows players to deal bonus damage when performing a magical attack (mage abilities, paladin abilities, magical arrows, etc). This stat comes from placing points in INT.


Agility affects how fast the player can swing their weapon. It is also known as attack speed.

Block Chance

Block Chance is a special stat where players can occasionally "block" damage from enemies. When a player "blocks" an attack, the damage is reduced by 75%. The visual numbers will appear gray.

Critical Strike Chance

Critical Strike Chance is a special stat where players can occasionally deal critical damage. Critical damage is 1.5 times the normal damage. The visual numbers will appear bold orange.


Stamina is not listed on the stat menu, but is an important stat. Stamina affects how long a player can sprint or jump. Once the player runs out of stamina, they must wait to regain stamina. Stamina will recharge twice as fast on cobblestone paths (allowing for infinite stamina). Stamina can also be depleted if the player is attacked by an enemy or uses Warrior abilities. The stamina GUI will appear as a green bar near the player.

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< Stats and Skills
Abigail's Apples >

Scruff's Quest 2

Now that you've completed your first quest, talk to Scruff again for Part 2 of his quest.

Scruff has asked you to deliver a letter to the mayor of Mushtown!

Walk past the stone bridge and follow the path towards the center of the town. Mayor Noah should be to the left of the weapon merchant. Talk to him to complete Scruff's second quest, and claim your rewards. You can use this money to buy some items or consumables from Lela, a nearby merchant. You can find her beside a big wagon with a big yellow "$" floating above her head.

The shop.

Remember how we talked about different chests? Locate a wooden plank area with a small dent under it, you should find a Bluesteel Chest underneath. Opening it reveals a Wooden Sword with a +6 attack and +2 DEX upgrade on it!

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Enemies >

Abigail's Apples

Now that you are level 2, you should go search for more quest givers. Talk to NPC Abigail who is within the town center for another quest.

Apple Tree.png
Abigail has asked you to collect a dozen apples for her! Apples can be obtained from apple trees which are found around the Mushtown map. There is one to the left of Scruff Residence from the perspective of walking out the town's front gate.

Now that you found that apple tree, go up to it and whack it with your weapon repeatedly. Apples should begin to fall off which you can then collect. Return to Abigail once you have 12 apples collected.

Once you complete this quest, you may find yourself out of quests. Now, you can explore the outskirts of Mushtown and begin killing any enemies you find in the forests. Whenever you kill an enemy, they will give you EXP. When enough EXP is acquired, you will level up. Begin killing enemies until you reach level 3. The following are some information on the enemies that roam in this territory.

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< Abigail's Apples
Mushtown Helper 1 >


The following are all the enemies found in Mushtown:

Baby Shroom

  • Found immediately outside of Mushtown.
  • Lowest level enemy and relatively easy to defeat
  • Looks like a typical small mushroom that can move around


  • Found by venturing further into the forests of Mushtown.
  • Mediocre level enemy and has some challenges in being defeated when low leveled.
  • Looks like a larger mushroom, but with legs that it uses to move around.

Elder Shroom

  • Found by walking up a terrain that blends into a hill.
  • Highest level enemy within this location and presents huge challenges for players who fight it and are low leveled.
  • Looks like an even larger mushroom, but with arms, facial hair, and mushrooms growing on their backs.


  • Found roaming all around Mushtown.
  • Becomes a threat to low level players, although has slow attack speed.
  • Resembles a real-life cow without spots.


  • Found roaming in the grassy terrain to the right of Mushtown.
  • Higher level than the Elder Shroom. Extremely challenging and deadly to new players.
  • Resembles a real-life boar.


  • Found within the woods of Mushtown to the left of the Great Crossroads gate.
  • Extremely high damage to new players. Not recommended to farm first.
  • Resembles a tree bark with twigs acting as the hands
  • Has eyes similar to a Scarecrow or Guardian's cursed eyes.

Boss Rootbeard

  • Found in Sycamore's Hollow in Mushtown (near a campfire within the Treemuk woods).
  • Extremely dangerous boss. Damage is based off player's level; the higher your level, the higher the damage it deals.
  • Resembles a Treemuk with glowing eyes, but containing mushroom flora and elder beards.
  • Spawn is based on a point system. 1000 points will cause Rootbeard to spawn. Baby Shroom, Shroom, Elder Shroom, and Hog give 1 point when killed. Treemuks give 3 points when killed.
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< Enemies
Giant Enemies >

Mushtown Helper (Part 1)

Now that you are level 3, you can equip your newly obtained Wooden Sword! Seems like Mayor Noah needs you again. Talk to him to start his new quest.

Cool, Mayor Noah asks you to help rid some Shroom enemies!

As a reminder, Mayor Noah asked you to kill 10 Baby Shrooms and 1 Shroom. Venture around Mushtown until you have killed the required enemies. Return to Mayor Noah to claim your rewards.

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< Mushtown Helper 1
Wheel Woes >

Giant Enemies

Sometimes, a server message will appear saying a Giant/Super Giant/colossal mob has been spawned. Giant enemies are variants of mobs that have way more health pool compared to their normal variant. Giant enemies also cause Minions to spawn and nearby enemies to target the same player. Giant enemies reward additional loot, more EXP, and drop an exclusive currency called Giant Tokens. It is often sought by most players due to these numerous benefits. Once a Giant enemy is defeated, all players will be notified via a chat message.

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< Giant Enemies
Mushtown Helper 2 >

Wheel Woes

Assuming you are level 4, you can talk to Jericho who is sitting near a campfire on the path to Mushroom Forest. He will ask you to locate his lost wheel somewhere in the Mushroom Forest.

After talking to Jericho, head back towards the area where Baby Shrooms spawn and walk further into the forest. You'll find an NPC named ??? sitting next to the Lost Wheel. You can either use mushrooms to propel yourself onto the dented area or walk above and drop down into it. Once complete, return to Jericho to claim your rewards.

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< Wheel Woes
Mushroom Hat >

Mushtown Helper II, Treasure Hunt

Now that you are level 5, Mayor Noah has a new quest waiting for you. Talk to him to initiate Part 2 of the Mushtown Helper quest.

Interesting! Besides killing 10 Shrooms, Mayor Noah has tasked you with collecting 20 Red Mushroom and 20 Mushroom Spores to act as samples for him to analyze.

There is also another quest you can complete at this level: Treasure Hunt! Given by an NPC named Xero, who needs you to bring him his tablet. This can be found in any random chest, so keep opening any chests until you find it. Once you do, you can return to him and complete the quest. Due to Mushtown getting a recent revamp, Xero is a bit hard to find for beginners. If you are having difficulties finding him around Mushtown, try searching up a YouTube video for guidance.

Head back to the outskirts of Mushtown to complete the Mushtown Helper II quest. While you slay 10 Shrooms, note that you also need to collect the drops that Mayor Noah requested. Red Mushrooms commonly drop from Shrooms while Mushroom Spores commonly drop from Baby Shrooms or Elder Shrooms. Once you finish the quest, head back to Mayor Noah to claim your rewards.

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< Mushtown Helper 2
Innkeeper's Son >

Mushroom Hat

If you venture rightward from Mushtown, you will notice a tree log that extends over several mushrooms (NOT a tree log that extends over water). This sublocation is known as Mushroom Overgrowth. If you look above, there is a small treehouse that houses a room containing a Golden Chest! To get up there, you need to jump on the pink Shroom, then the large orange Shroom, and then propel yourself in the direction of that treehouse. Once you get the Mushroom Hat, you should be able to equip it.

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< Mushroom Hat
A Respected Guard >

Innkeeper’s Son

Now that you are level 6, you can talk to Innkeeper Edith who has a quest waiting for you. To find the Mushtown Inn, just follow the signs to Mushroom Forest inside the main town. Right when you leave town, you will notice another building which will be the Mushtown Inn. After talking to Edith, she will ask you to help let her son know that she misses him and wants him to write back, however, her son seems to be living in Nilgarf. This quest you can hold on for now and maybe complete later as you don't know where Nilgarf is.

Now, you should buy some gear at the shop in the town center to gear yourself up. It is recommended you buy Worn Boots as there will not be many Boots items that you can choose from. You can choose to buy some better damaging weapons or better armor or you can just stick with what you have.

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< Innkeeper's Son
Venturing Beyond Mushtown >

A Respected Guard

Head back to Mushtown. However, this time, talk to a guard with a "?" over his head. Greg will ask you to gather some Elder Beards to help him gain respect working as a guard.

Return to the outskirts and kill Elder Shrooms as they drop Elder Beards. Once you collected enough, return to Greg to claim your rewards. As part of the reward, you should've receive a City Guard Pads armor which you should equip when possible.

- 22 -
< A Respected Guard
Mushroom Grotto >

Venturing Beyond Mushtown

Now you have many options as to where to go next. It is recommended you kill some enemies to at least get to level 7 if you aren’t already this level.

Now that you are at least level 7, you are ready to venture beyond Mushtown and its forests. Go towards the Elder Shroom area, and you'll notice some broken supports with a "Do Not Enter" sign. Go through the supports, then begin parkouring on wooden platforms that extend from the terrain. Make your way to the top until you eventually find a secret entrance within a tree. What could this lead to??

- 23 -
< Venturing Beyond Mushtown
Finishing Beginner's Progression >

Mushroom Grotto

Welcome to Mushroom Grotto! You may notice Mushroom Grotto is a separate area from Mushtown. In Vesteria, different maps or areas are referred to as Locations. Vesteria contains lots of Locations, meaning that this game is much bigger than just Mushtown! This location, hidden within a towering tree above the Mushroom Forest as well as beneath the stone bridge of the Clearing, conceals a hideout secluded in a long tunnel with an overgrowth of mushrooms. This area contains even more mobs of the Shroom family.


After exploring around, it is recommended you begin to farm these mobs for xp and leveling up.



You may recognize this enemy as you have encountered it several times in your adventures into Mushroom Forest. These Shrooms are no different than the ones in the Forest.

Elder Shroom

You may recognize this enemy as you have encountered it several times in your adventures into Mushroom Forest. These Elder Shrooms are no different than the ones in the Forest.

Poisoned Shroom

  • Found by venturing further down the tunnel near the end
  • High level enemy and poses significant threats with its poisonous attacks
  • Looks like a typical Shroom, but with a poisonous color appearance

Boss Chad

  • Spawns on the o'clock for every hour. Found in the grassy terrain near the Mushroom Forest portal.
  • Boss enemy! Extremely high level for low-level players and potentially immediate death if not careful. For lower levels, Chad's Helicopter Elbow attack is capable of killing a player in one-hit.
  • Looks like a muscular Shroom with skinny legs and buff elbows.
  • If you happen to encounter the boss, it is recommended that you hit it at least once for XP and potentially getting a drop.

Farming Spots

The following information provides tips on optimal farming spots. One location exists where players can freely damage Elder Shrooms without being dealt damage back from it. This location is found underneath one of the mushrooms. It is advised to still be aware of other mobs that are not restricted by this spot.

Continue farming here until you reach level 10.

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< Mushroom Grotto

Finishing Beginner's Progression

Now that you are around level 10, it is time to move beyond Mushtown. Follow the stone path that leads to Xero, but continue until you end up at a gateway. This gateway leads to the Great Crossroads. Walk in the teleporter to continue!

This guide ends at level 10. For the next level guide, see this page.

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