The Begger is an NPC located in the Nilgarf Sewers. He asks the player for donations to help him in various different ways, with a 10-minute interval between each donation request.

Interacting with the Begger during the 10-minute interval results in a short line of text thanking the player.

After you donate to the Begger when he asks for 50 SilverCoin, he will later present you with a Cursed Scroll for Armor Defense (60%) upon interacting with him again after the time interval. He claims it is a 'useless piece of paper' and has no use for it, and gives it to you for your kindness to him.

After accepting the cursed scroll, you can no longer donate to him.

Paying the Begger:
10 BronzeCoin
20 BronzeCoin
50 BronzeCoin
10 SilverCoin
50 SilverCoin
Total Price
61 SilverCoin 155 BronzeCoin
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