The Begger is an NPC located in the Nilgarf Sewers. He asks the player for donations to help him in various different ways, with a 10-minute interval between each donation request.

Interacting with the Begger during the 10-minute interval results in a short line of text thanking the player.

After you donate to the Begger when he asks for 50 SilverCoin, he will later reward you with a Cursed Scroll for Armor Defense (60%) upon interacting with him again after the time interval. "Begger" is actually spelled like beggar in real life but the in game NPC is spelled like "Begger".

Paying the Begger:
10 BronzeCoin
20 BronzeCoin
50 BronzeCoin
10 SilverCoin
50 SilverCoin
Total Price
61 SilverCoin 155 BronzeCoin
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