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The Beggar is an NPC located in the Nilgarf Sewers. He asks the player for donations to help him in various different ways, with a 10-minute interval between each donation request.


Interacting with the Beggar (and donating his requested quantity of Mushcoins) during the 10-minute interval results in a short line of text thanking the player.

After you donate to the Beggar when he asks for 50 Silver, he will later present you with a Dark Armor DEF Scroll upon interacting with him again after the time interval. He claims it is a 'useless piece of paper' and has no use for it, and gives it to you for your kindness to him.

After accepting the Dark Armor DEF Scroll, you can no longer donate to him.

*Prior to the addition of dark scrolls, he would grant you a Cursed DEF Scroll (as opposed to Dark) after donating the full amount of Mushcoins.

Paying the Beggar:
10 Bronze
20 Bronze
50 Bronze
10 Silver
50 Silver
Total Price
60 Silver155Bronze

NPC Dialogue

During Donation Process

1st Donation

  • "You there, its been days since I've last eaten. Might you spare 10 Bronze so that I may eat tonight?"

2nd Donation

  • "You there, this dirty sewer water's got me dying of thirst. Might you spare 20 Bronze so that I may drink fresh water tonight?"

3rd Donation

  • "You there, these cursed Rattys have been attacking me nonstop. Might you spare 50 Bronze so that I may buy a stick to defend myself?"

4th Donation

  • "You there, the baker upstairs is selling mouthwatering bread. Might you spare 75 Bronze so that I may taste fine wheat again?"

5th Donation

  • "You there, I've been attacked again by those cursed Rattys. One of them bit me hard and I am afriad [sic] I am mortally wounded. A potion might save me. Might you spare 10 Silver so that I may live?"

5th Donation

  • "You there, I've always wanted to learn the art of music. Might you spare 50 Silver so that I may purchase a lute and re-discover myself?"

6th Donation

  • "Hey, I found this useless piece of paper laying around. I have no use for it, maybe you do? You've been very kind, you can have it."


  • Donate
    • "Thank you."
  • Sorry, I can't help
    • "*spits* well then run along."

After Donating

"Thank you, kind stranger."