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Barber Streisand is an NPC in the Great Crossroads. You can find him in the purple house to the right of the faction statues. You can customize your look there as well as complete the Innkeeper's Son quest. For 50 Silver you can alter your appearance.

Barber Streisand also sells various dyes to the player.


  • Barber Streisand's name is a play on the words of American singer Barbra Streisand.
  • Barber Streisand's nickname is likely "Timmy".
    • This was shown when players enter his shop with the Innkeeper's Son quest active, and a message appears at the top reading "Find Timmy: Completed".

NPC Dialogue

Quest Dialogue

  • [Complete] Innkeeper’s Son
    • "My mother asked you to find me? Lots of customers lately, I’ve been so busy. I’ll surely write to her. Here’s something for your troubles."

Other Dialogue

"Unhappy with how you look? For some coin, I can restore your self-confidence!"