The Bandit Skirmisher is a level 40 enemy found in The Whispering Dunes as well as The Gauntlet. It can often be seen spawning next to Bandits in various locations around the Dunes and all over The Gauntlet.

They are a ranged mob that will shoot arrows at players that enter their aggro range. Although they are mainly a supporting mob, they can quickly and easily shred a level 40 player in large numbers.


  • Bandit Skirmishers spawn in groups of 3-5 on large watchtowers overlooking the surrounding area. The watchtowers themselves appear in Bandit Camps and The Gauntlet. Skirmishers deal chip damage to enemies.
  • When attacking a player, they will fire a single arrow doing takes about 2.5 seconds to lock on. Their aggro range is fairly large and usually will spot the player before Bandits do, due to the high vantage point they have.
  • They do not lose aggro easily after they have spotted a player and will continue to fire at them through walls, buildings, and other things making up the surroundings.
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