The Bandit is a level 40 enemy found in the Whispering Dunes as well as The Gauntlet. It can be often seen spawning or next to Bandit Skirmishers in multiple specific locations throughout the Dunes. When unaware of a player, they will stride around casually with their scimitar at their side.

Once a Bandit spots you, it will start to dash towards the player. They will continue to charge at you until the player either leaves the aggro range or they catch up to the player.

Bandits have no stamina and run slightly faster than the default player run speed. Once they reach the player, they abruptly stop and take a massive upward slash, dealing a very high amount of damage.

After the initial swing, the Bandit will continue to swing their blade four more times, dealing a decent amount of damage if taken.


They can be found in 5 places around the map, with 4 of them being designated Bandit Camps. and all over The Gauntlet:

  • [Bandit Camp] In close proximity to Auktufiti's tower (You can't miss it)
  • [Bandit Camp] Behind the back entrance of the main Oasis/Town
  • [Bandit Camp] (Facing the front entrance from the outside) To the right of the main Oasis/Town
  • [Bandit Camp] On the pathway up to Auktufiti's tower
  • On the pathway up to the top of Tethaffut's Anvil


  • Once a Bandit Camp is defeated (All bandits & bandit skirmishers killed) fireworks will be set off, and a chest filled with 100-140 silver will drop. (The chest acts like a normal one in which the player must attack it to obtain the loot.)
  • The Bandits in The Gauntlet move at much faster speeds than the ones in the Whispering Dunes. This may be due to the lack of lag in The Gauntlet.

A bandit attacking a player.


A bandit strolling around.


Two bandits running after a player.

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