Azariah the Blood-crazed is a Mini-boss that can be only found in the map the Whispering Dunes. He is a tougher and larger version of the Bandit mob with more health. Although being tougher than a normal Bandit mob, he has the same experience dropped as it.

He has a unique Drop - the Azariah's Edge, a level 45 Warrior weapon with the Bloodcraze ability. The crit chance increase will stack if dual-wielding.

He spawns every 10 minutes in a small server, and every 5 minutes if 20+ people are in the server.


  • Charge: Azariah runs at the target until he is in attack range. He is slower than you so you can easily run away. He also takes suppressed Ranged Damage while charging.
  • Upward Slash: When in attack range, Azariah swings his scimitar upwards.
  • Murderous Assault: After using Upward Slash, Azariah will attack in front of him 4 times. This will deal an insane amount of damage if you can't avoid it in time.


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