"Well kept despite its excessive use. Its last owner must have cleaned it obsessively."


Azariah's Edge is a Level 45 Warriors Warrior-class Sword that is a Drop from the Mini-boss Boss Azariah the Blood-crazed.


The Perk of Azariah's Edge is Bloodcraze.

Bloodcraze gives the wielder a stack-able +5 agility for landing a critical hit for roughly 7.5 seconds (critical hit resets timer). Agility bonus capped at +30.


Azariah's Edge is a scimitar and is relatively simple in design. The guard and end of the hilt are made of gold, and a jewel can be seen in the middle of the guard as well.


  • The description of this sword implies that Azariah was obsessed with the cleanliness or condition of his blade.
  • The perk doesn't stack when dual wielding.
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