The Assassin is a sub-class that branches off the Hunter Class. As its name suggests, the Assassin specialized in high burst damaging attacks. The Assassin primarily uses stealth-based attacks and deadly punishing skills, mainly with a dagger. Any user of the Hunter Class can become an Assassin by speaking to Nightingale at Level 30.

Nightingale can be found in Port Fidelio, through a small hidden doorway underneath a bridge to the left of the Guild Hall.


  • Shadow Walk - The user vanishes in a haze, rendering them completely invisible to players and monsters alike, refilling their stamina to full, and granting them increased speed for the duration of the effect. Attacking within this stealth period will enhance the damage of that attack. Each skill point added either increase the duration of the stealth, the damage done by breaking out with it, or the speed of the ability.
  • Shadow Flurry - The user stabs their enemy, and multiple shadow clones appear to cut the enemy down. Each skill point added will either increase the number of shadow clones, or the amount of damage done.
  • Step Through Shadow - The user creates a shadow when first used. When used once more, the user is brought back to the area of the shadow.
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