"Thank you for your leap of faith in purchasing Alpha. Without your support, Vesteria wouldn't have been possible."


The Alpha Gift is The Vesteria Team's way of giving thanks to the 30,000+ players who stepped forward to purchase the game in its Alpha phase. The gift, when opened, contains an array of premium goodies and an alpha-exclusive pet.

The gift is soulbound-- meaning that it can't be traded away. It is given by Monsieur Fred in Nilgarf if the player meets the alpha tester criteria, and can only be received once.

The gift will not open if the player's inventory lacks the sufficient number of slots to contain the rewards. Overall 1 slot in the Weapons/Equipment section and 9 slots in the Consumables section must be vacated for the rewards.

*The Stat Reset Tome was not awarded in the "final" Alpha Gift.


  • Despite being soulbound, the item will disappear when dropped.
  • Because there was a bug with the gift, people who opened it with exactly 8 empty Consumable slots in their iventory didn't recieve the Skill Reset Tome. The gift was counted as an empty slot and supposed to be replaced by one of the 9 Consumable prizes. The bug was later fixed by berezaa and Alpha players were allowed to obtain a second Alpha Gift. (This explains why some people have 2 Chicken Pets in their inventory)
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