Albert and his talking horse, Horsey McHorseFace.

Albert Figgleglasses is a quest giver in the Enchanted Forest.


  • Business Trip: Albert Figgleglasses is on a business trip to Nilgarf and asks the player to tend to his pet plant in his absence.
    • Part 1: Mr. Plant snacks on Goblin Ears. The player is tasked by Figgleglasses to gather 40 goblin ears in the Enchanted Forest and subsequently deliver them to the carnivorous plant in his red-roofed house in the Tree of Life.
      • Rewards:
        • 800 BronzeCoin
        • 15 Silver Cups of Red Potion
        • 2165 EXP
    • Part 2: Mrs. Plant, who lives next door, is angry at Mr. Plant for not paying attention to her. She says if he brought her a purple sparkly flower, she won't be mad at him anymore.
      • Rewards:
        • 1.6 SilverCoin
        • 1 Great Scroll for Weapon Attack (70%)
        • 3 Intelligence Potions
        • 1082 EXP
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