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A New Adventure was a location in Vesteria that served as an introduction to players who first started the game. This location could not have been accessed after the player had teleported out of it.


When the player first enters this location, a opening cutscene shortly plays, which serves as the game's intro, showcasing the various developers and giving credit. At the end of the Credits playing, the cutscene reveals a Vesterian acting as the wagon driver commanding 2 horses to pull the wagon forward. After a couple of minutes, 1 of the 4 Vesterians in the wagon raises their concern about the mushrooms that seem to be watching them. These turn out to be Baby Shrooms around them. The wagon driver assures them that there is nothing to worry about as he has traversed the same roads for many years. Another concerned Vesterian then asks the player if they happen to have anything in their inventory they could use as a weapon, which prompts the player's inventory to open. The only thing in the player's inventory is a Stick, allowing players to equip it in their weapon slot. This sort of resembles a tutorial, as to how to equip things and open your inventory. Moments later, a Baby Shroom intentionally steps in front of the wagon, halting it to a stop. The screen is then directed to a horde of mobs of the Shroom family incoming from atop a nearby hill. The player is then taken out of the cutscene and into gameplay. Various Shrooms, Baby Shrooms, and Elder Shrooms spawn in and attack. The longer the player survives, the more mobs spawn. If the player survives long enough, a Chad spawns in as a last ditch effort to kill the player.


  • If the player kills Chad, the game glitches out and they must reset to continue. If (or when) the player dies, they will automatically escape to Mushtown, starting the game.
  • It is possible to use the bouncy mushrooms in the fighting area to launch yourself over the invisible walls and into the void. If you fall into the void, you respawn in a tiny area surrounded by invisible walls, with a transparent red square in the middle.
  • The enemies spawned here do not drop anything when you kill them, but they do give experience. This also applies to Chad.
  • If you bought the Testing Realm Gamepass and load a normal save, it is possible to be taken back to the new adventure as your saved character.
  • New Adventure has similarities with the effects of escaping, due to the flash of whiteness in the screen and the teleporting of the player to the nearest city.
  • A New Adventure was removed at an unknown date, and now you will teleport directly to Mushtown after starting a new save slot.
    • It is currently unknown whether the developers plan to add it back or remove it permanently.